Theeya Velai Seiyannum Kumaru Review

Theeya Velai Seiyannum Kumaru Review

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Director: Sundar.C
Casts: Siddarth, Hansika, Santhanam
Music: Sathya.C
Language: Tamil
Genre: Romantic Comedy

As soon as director Sundar.C announced his resignation in acting, many comedy lovers were thrilled that the master of comedy will be back to what he knows the best, directing. After tasting stupendous success with his old school comedy flick, ‘Kalakalapu’, Sundar.C is back in full fire with ‘TheeyaVelaiSeiyannumKumaru’. As always, Sundar.C’s comedy flick will always raise expectations as he is one film maker who redefined comedy in 1990s. So will TVSK be an addition to his winning titles?


Kumar (Siddarth) is from a quirky IT company who is fixated in his career despite his encouraging family who hopes that he will fall in love one day and settle down soon after. As expected Sanjana (Hansika) joins his company and it is love at first sight for Kumar. However, things do not go as perceived when company heartthrob George (Ganesh) proposes to Sanjana. That is when Kumar is pushed to a brink and hires Mokia (Santhanam), a ‘love guru’ to aid him to get Sanjana. So will they be able to succeed?
Story – Screenplay

Everyone who has watched Sundar.C’s series of comedies will eventually have expected a predictable story presented with whole lots of twist and turns brought by the strings of star studded comedians and TVSK is no exception. Like his previous films, TVSK is a neat old school comedy which can be related and enjoyed by all ages. The situational comedy written in an exaggerated and goofy style is absolutely a scream.

On the down side, unnecessary song placements somehow hamper the crisp screenplay present in most Sundar.C’s film. Moreover, the emotional romantic core of the film gets diluted gradually in the midst of the overloaded twists and turns. Therefore when the film ends you might feel like it’s more of a comedy than a rom-com.

Despite that, it is a wonder that the director has managed to grasp the audiences from start to end with a plot which is old as a hill. Thanks to his impressive casting abilities and bright treatment, TVSK works at most parts. 

Casting & Performance

Siddarth continues from where he left at ‘KadhalilSothapuvadhuYeppadi’with his innocent yet charming looks, pulling off as Kumar quite comfortably. His first ever combination with Santhanam works big time as he complements well to the comic timing. 

‘Comedy super star’ Santhanam keeps up to his title by leading the whole film through the idiosyncratic screenplay with his impressive charisma. His witty one liner never fails to add to the momentum for any film. 

Hansika with her new toned looks, comes out impressively in acting department as usual. Her strong screen presence brings her to a step closer to the throne of next ‘Kushboo’ of Kollywood.

TVSK also has a remarkably well assembled supporting casts such as Bosskey, RJ Balaji, Manobala, Dehli Ganesh, Vidyullekha, Jennifer and many more. RJ Balaji comes out the top in the list with his excellent proficiency of well timed and innovative comedic counters, while Vidyullekha scores whenever she appears on screen.

In overall, Sundar.C continues to capitalize on his biggest strength of casting and character designing in TVSK too. 


Technically TVSK’s technical team has presented Sundar.C’s vision with much vibrancy needed for a script like this.  ‘Pizza’ fame Gopi Amarnath’s clean cinematography further enhances the existing liveliness while Praveen-Srikanth’s editing keeps the comedy well-paced and crisp.

Even though Sathya’s music sounds different, the placements prevent our attention span to fully indulge in his music. However, each songhas a sense of innovation visually.
Despite its lack of emotional core and predictability, no doubt that TVSK will continue the trend of comedy blockbusters, thanks to Santhanam’s ever striking charisma and Sundar.C’sexceptional flair of comedy writing.
Verdict: Entertainment guaranteed! 
Rating:  3.5/5
Kannan Vijaykumar

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