The Emperor of Style returns!

The Emperor of Style returns!

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Being an avid cinema buff, I’ve watched films of all genres regardless, be it action, comedy, romance or better still art films and other parallel cinemas. Indian cinema has provided entertainment for decades and I am proud to say that the wave had hit outside its boundaries to other countries with Tamil people. Hailing from Malaysia, I have watched my share of Indian films released here in spite of the language. When it came to Tamil films, only one man comes to my thought at any instant. Superstar Rajinikanth. The name itself is synonym to Mass and Style and over the years with no replacement found and mark my words will not be found. He is class apart be it on screen or off screen. It would take me more than an article to write why I adore him so much. 
Few years back, when Enthiran the Robot was released I couldn’t express the height of my delight and was very much ecstatic about it.  Being a huge fan of Rajinikanth and Shankar, I did not want to miss this spectacle on the opening day itself after having waited a significant amount of time. As a college student, exams are not something you can avoid and it fell on that fated day the movie was releasing, making it a moral battle for me as to which was more important. Yet, I knew I’m not going to miss the opportunity to see our beloved Thalaivar gracing the silver screen after a long hiatus. I managed to get the ticket for the very first show and I could not study the day before for the exam as I was much hyped about watching the film the next day! That’s how much Rajini sir has affected me. I have been a fan of him since the day I watched Tamil movies and I have never been so affected by a person than Thalaivar himself.
So, the question arose, after Kochaidayaan what will Thalaivar’s move be? Is he calling it a day? Is it for good? I can’t seem to put that thought on hold any longer as I have been selfish and just can’t get enough of him.  I have always liked all his movies, but there are those movies which are very much close to my heart like Padayappa, Baasha and Muthu to name a few. In Padayappa, the pre climax scene where Rajinikanth comes down from the car, walks alone while smoking to bring the bridegroom away from the marriage hall(with a superb BGM by ARR at the back)  is registered so hard on my mind that I rewind it every time I watch Padayappa with my family. Watching Rajinikinath in a mass commercial movie is every fans dream come true. I have watched Chandramukhi infinite times just to see Thalaivar on screen with my college friends who are also diehard fans of Him. Thus, I was hoping for him to return to this genre, his stronghold for many years, at least one more time just for his beloved fans. They story can be as simple as Muthu yet the mere screen presence of Rajinikanth and his charisma is sure to set the screen on fire. Hence, as a devoted fan of Rajinikanth, if I may, place a humble request, to ask the Emperor of Style to return to his forte, the genre he won millions of hearts just once more scorching the scene, fighting gundas and uttering mouthful of punch dialogues in style with his usual suave and flair.  What more if the film is released on a festival period like Pongal or Diwali, it is sure to keep the cash registers at the BO ringing and may break a few records as well. 
Narendran R

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