Mariyaan - Mortal !!

Mariyaan - Mortal !!

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What can you expect when two friends who are already immortalized in the minds and hearts of every Indian across the globe for their soul stirring album “Vandhe Mataram” decide to collaborate once again? Forget everything they achieved before or set to achieve later,  Vandhe mataram would always remain an achievement, inspiration ages to come. And when the news of ARR and Bharat Bala coming together hit the headlines, music aficionados let their expectations soar.. Dhanush a name synonymous these days to lyrics and music set the meter hot and with Yuvan’s entry nothing more mattered in Tamil film music. Not in recent history had any movie album received so much of attention and expectation purely for the names behind its music. So much so that everything else associated with the movie took a back seat and the music took centre stage…

Nenje ezhu : A song of “hope” and ARR doesn’t try too hard. He picks one from his illustrious list of patriotic songs template and croons it himself to get the desired effect. As usual ARR takes care of the theatrical orchestration to create an impact. The song takes off well but mid way it stays afloat.
Innum konja neram : A lively song elevated by some splendid singing by Vijay Prakash aptly supported by Shwetha Mohan. It’s the earthy ghatam in the back ground that provides the perfect foil for this song not to forget the relationship it has with the other instruments. It’s instantly catchy.
Netru aval irundal : If you thought Vijay Prakash was splendid listen to this, subtle, warm and close to perfect Vijay Prakash charms listeners in this song. Chinmayee is not far behind. The song progresses beautifully and somewhere it loses its flow. The orchestration is bare to highlight the tune, the singers and the lyrics.  The lines by Vaali are the best of the album and go a long way in giving wholesomeness to the song.
Sonapareeya : As you get into the groove comes this dampener, Ignore the naadaswaram bit and you would cringe at its manufactured structure. The “Sonapareeya” repeat sounds silly and Javed Ali an absolute misfit doesn’t help either. The rhythm and the nadaswaram remain the saving grace.
I love Africa : If you thought the previous song was average this song beats it square. Blaaze goes jay singing with African sounds for company. It more sounds like “A song for Blaaze” please. Too little to please us.
Enga ponna rasa : Back to where it all began, plain lyrics, uncomplicated tune, poignant singing by Shaktisree, emotionally supported by soulful strings. This song straightaway appeals to the heart.
Kadal raasa naan : The much expected song begins with an excellent rhythm that plays throughout the song saving it from some ordinary lyrics. Yuvan perhaps has given his best performance so far behind the mike. Nothing much to write about the song, save for a few interludes as the song performs much lesser to the expectation it was built on.
Mariyaan is definitely not on par with ARR classics.. It’s lost somewhere in the middle. Yes there is a lot to savour and cherish but that’s far and in between. Its good.. But nowhere to the expectation made out of it…
Shreesha BU

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