Kuttipuli Movie Review by Common Man:

Kuttipuli Movie Review by Common Man:

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Very few actors have good fan base in A, B & C centers. Sasikumar is one of the very few actors in Tamil Cinema whom people think as their friend / brother.  Few movies with less budget and wonderful script ran well in A Centers recently. But, they didn't manage to even fetch average collections in B & C Centers. But, Sasikumar’s movies till now had run well in all Centers. Hence, the movie had been brought by SUN Pictures and released by Red Giant Movies in record number of theaters (more than 300). Movie had created huge expectation in B & Centers and had been sold for huge price (highest for Sasikumar film). But, the trailer of the movie failed to impress certain section of audience. Trailer shows Sasikumar as an Action Hero with lots of Punch Dialogues. People have accepted him as a next door guy and they may not agree if he is shown as an Action Hero who flies in the air and speaks dialogues which are irrelevant to the movie. Let us see whether this movie will satisfy the Common Man in this review.
Story: It is a women centric movie in which happy go lucky Sasi Kumar turns to a good person after falling in love with Lakshmi Menon. Movie revolves around the relationship between Sasikumar and his mom Saranya Ponvannan with light hearted comedy scenes, sentimental scenes and emotional dialogues.
Sasikumar & Lakshmi Menon – After successful Sundarapandian, they reunite as lead pair in this movie. Sasikumar had acted well in this village-based story as usual. It seems, he learnt Silambam for 2 months and has performed well in the movie. But, this movie doesn't require Silambam fighting scenes. There are lots of punch dialogues & fight scenes in the movie with lots of blood, which is unusual for a Sasikumar’s movie. Story is as old as Tamil Cinema and hence, it is very difficult to engage the audience. But, Sasikumar’s acting, dialogue modulation, light hearted humour scenes, good dialogues make sure that audience doesn't get bored.
Lakshmi Menon has good fan base due to her excellent acting in Kumki and her homely face. But, she doesn't have much scope to perform in this movie and had been used a beautiful doll.
Saranya Ponvannan acts as a mother for Tamil heroes in 8 out of 10 movies and we have started feeling it as stereotypical. But, in this movie, she has more weightage than Sasi Kumar. There is a scene in the movie in which she feels too happy hearing that Sasikumar had agreed to marry Lakshmi Menon. No one can even come closer to her acting in that scene.
Murugadoss as Sasikumar’s friend had done a wonderful job. He had performed well not only in the comedy scenes, but also emotional scenes. Bala (Kana Kaanum Kalangal) receives huge applause for his timing comedy dialogues.
Ghibran - It is his third movie after Vaagai Sooda Vaa and Vathikuchi. "Aruvaakaaran" song was too good, but the other songs were pretty average. 
Cinematographer Mahesh Muthuswamy had made sure that even small streets in the village is covered and really looks good.
Editor Gopi Krishna could have edited few more scenes. Movie runs for 150 minutes, but it looks like 200 minutes as there is absolutely no story in the movie. Even scenes before the climax can be put at any portion after the interval.
Director Muthaiah (assistant director of T P Gajendaran & Bhoopathy Pandian) makes his debut through this movie. Story seems to be inspired from a real-life character of a person who had great helping tendency and respect for women from his village – Srivilliputhur. He had tried to give a feature film with just these 2 characteristics of a person and had failed to engage the audience with very average screenplay. Scenes may look good if you watch it in TV. But, when you see it as a full movie, the scenes are not linked and there is no continuity. Sasikumar must have got convinced to do this movie after hearing the Climax scene. 
Overall, Kuttipuli is not as GOOD as earlier Sasikumar’s movies. It is a movie for only ‘C’ Centers with lots of mother sentiment scenes and comedy scenes which don’t create any impact on the movie.

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2 / 5
Sathish Kumar

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