Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum: A love story having all the fun...

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Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum: A love story having all the fun...

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A local rowdie (hero) falls for a well educated girl (heroine) and does anything for his love.We have seen plenty of movies with this plot.And how Ka ka po is going to be unique from all others??  This is what Nalan Kumaraswamy answers in his 2 Hours.


Vijay Sethupathi is a carefree local rowdy. And this is not a new role for him. We have seen him in similar roles.He is an actor who can improvise a weak scene and can nail a strong scene.He does that easily in Ka ka po.Since Ka ka po is compilation of scenes and incidents there must be a powerful actor as support.We have seen Santhanam doing that in 2010's. But Vijay Sethupathi makes a statement that his dialogue delivery and expressions are good enough to carry a substance less story.

The much hyped Madonna Sebastian lived to her expectations and her dubbing was good. Her chemistry with Vijay Sethupathi was lovely to watch. If it is "Hey pondaati" in Sethupathi, it is "Hey pakkathu veetu ponnu" in Ka ka po.Vijay Sethupathy is now a master of romance too.

One may not know why Nalan Kumarasamy chose the Korean movie for his second movie. He is capable of doing much more unique subjects. Still he has designed some scenes with uniqueness. Hero goes with coolers and ciggarete to bash four trouble men in a bar and he gets beaten up badly. But he picks his coolers and returns with same courage. The whole theatre was out of its seat during this scene.Ka ka po has many enjoyable scenes like this. Nalan doesn’t use double meaning dialogues or one line punches.His dialogues will be so simple like a question and answer session. They are good enough to make you laugh.

Nalan's sense of humor is so cheeky. Vijay Sethupathi dipping a banana in wine, a wall bearing 'Guninthu sellavum' and a corrupted security getting money and keeping it in his pocket shows how humorous and cheeky is Nalan.

Cinematographer has used some innovative shots and there were scenes shot in cross angles. Another good cinematographer in K-Town.


Santhosh Narayanan is the pillars of Ka ka po.Music directors compose music for a situation, but Santhosh composes his music for a full scene. Whenever you see an average scene, there is Santhosh who makes you to laugh and shout.It is his 'Akkam Pakkam Paar' track which gives you the 'feel of love' in romantic scenes. It is his 'Hey pangali' Track which makes you to whistle and shout. His background scores masks the pace of the movie and keeps you engaged throughout.

Ka Ka po also had some emotional- hardhitting scenes.Madonna attending an interview, pre climax portion were few to name. Even some dialogues were hard hitting."Vela kedaikaathathu un thappu illa. Namma Naatoda thappu."


Nalan tells some issues on a lighter note without any dramatization.

Ka Ka po - An enjoyable ride offered by Nalan-Vijay with the help of Santhosh's brilliant music.

karunanidhi kannappan
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