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KA KA KA PO Review

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Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum is a simple story of two characters coming from different backgrounds joining their hands for some causes. Such stories have been done several times where one character starts helping the next-door neighbor in a hapless state. This movie is different from such stereotypes set by the cinema industry.

Director Nalan Kumaraswamy returns after the cult sleeper hit, Soodhu Kaavum. While he has retained most of the same technical artists and the lead, Nalan is confident in presenting a story that is very different from his previous attempt. The story follows a young woman, Yazhini (Madonna Sebastian) whose struggle to come out of the shadows of her parents and her hometown results in her homeless and cashless state in a city where she has no friends. In the end, she ends up setting her forte in a low class housing colony attributing to the low rent of the house.

Her neighbor is a low class thug, played by Vijay Sethupathi, who represents himself as an “I don’t care about what is happening around me” character. The initial encounters between the two lead characters results in Yazhini having a cynical attitude towards him. Some events that happen in her life brings out the lighter side of Sethupathi’s character and a relationship slowly starts building up between them. The rest of the story is where this relationship goes.

The story is simple. But the execution, which is tinged with a hint of black comedy and subtle romance, is the winner here. While there are no scenes that out rightly depict a love developing between the two characters, the feeling is there in the background. The non-pretentious dialogues are maintained throughout the feature length of the movie. Thus it never bores.

Coming to performances of both the leads, Sethupathi is molded for such roles. Anybody can easily root for the character played by him in this movie. Madonna Sebastian has done a wonderful job standing toe to toe with Sethupathi.

Music by Santhosh Narayanan was a bit on the low side but enjoyable nevertheless. Some bgm loops have been repeated at the right scenes to evoke the right response from the audience. Editing and cinematography were sharp especially for some of the fight sequences.

The movie in itself is an official remake of a Korean flick, ‘My Dear Desperado’. And moreover, there will be discussions that are rife in comparisons with the Korean movie and Nalan’s previous attempt. Please refrain from comparisons, and watch this movie with an open mind. This movie is an enjoyable ride, which never asks a lot of audience but keeps the audience entertained throughout.

Rating 3/5

Jeeth John
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