Jeeva- Common Man's Review

Jeeva- Common Man's Review

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Sports based movies in Tamil Cinema are quite rare. Ghilli, Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu, Ethir Neechal, etc have done well in the box office with this genre.  Vallinam & Lee were good sports movie, but didn’t succeed much commercially. Suseenthiran has already given a sports movie which commercially succeeded along with the debutants Vishnu & Soori few years back. Now, Vishnu & Soori have established themselves in Tamil Cinema & Sussenthiran has picked up the most loved game in India – Cricket as the plot. Let us see whether Suseenthiran manages to give yet another hit along with this combo in this Common Man review


Story: First half revolves around the love between Vishnu & Sridivya. In the second half, story completely shifts towards the politics involved in the cricket team selection.


Vishnu – Mundasupatti got him good name, but he didn’t have much scope to perform in it. But, in this movie, he has got huge platform to perform and he has given his best performance till date. He is ex Ranji Player and hence, he has lived the role of a Cricketer with hands down


Sri Divya – She has got huge fan followers in Tamil Cinema with just one movie - Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam & has got lot of offers in Tamil Movies. She does the role of school girl yet again and has given her best.


Soori – He plays the role of senior cricket player, who couldn’t bat properly. Definitely, few of his one liners make audience laugh. Lakshman as Vishnu's friend has done a good job.


Music by Imman – BGM was too good. Songs were good, but definitely it spoils the mood of this sports related movie. It would have been better, if there were songs, which go along with the sports script. 



Cinematographer Madhi – He has captured the cricket matches with superb angles.  


Editor Ruben –Movie runs for 127 minutes. First half of the movie has lots of romantic scenes, which doesn’t do justice to the engaging second half with wonderful message


Director Suseenthiran – Hats off to the director for boldly taking a movie on the politics behind Cricket team selection. Second half of the movie was completely engaging with wonderful message to the society. But, he had compromised a lot on the first half, with lots of romantic scenes, which will receive mixed response from the audience.


First Half – 2.25 / 5 & Second Half – 3.25 / 5


Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.75 / 5


Rating of this movie for people who loved Vallinam, Vennilla Kabadi Kuzhu, etc – 3.25 / 5



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