Haridas - Must Watch

Haridas - Must Watch

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Good cinema is one which meets at least one (or) more of the following criteria

a)      Movie which completely locks the audience to their seats till the end, irrespective of the genre of the movie.

b)      Movie which is rich in quality which includes good acting, technical aspects and staying away from mindless or illogical stuff.

c)       Movie which delivers something fresh/innovative which can be the storyline or screenplay or overall packaging.

d)      Movie which not only delivers a message, but can also make big impact on society by creating  an awareness by shedding more light on any dark elements of the society .

HARIDAS IS A MOVIE WHICH MEETS ALL THE ABOVE CRITERIA WITH DISTINCTION. Kudos to the director ( G.N.R Kumaravelan) for taking a sensitive subject and delivering a class product.


Haridas is a beautiful poetry of “Fatherhood” which portrays the bonding between a father and “special child” with a backdrop of a police encounters and anti elements. This movie not just conveys the sufferings and emotions of parents who have a “special child”, but also the responsibility of such parents in transforming their lives. But the best thing is that movie is no where preachy, but loaded with tons of positive thoughts. Whenever the movie tries to become dry, the track changes to cop portion making the movie racy. There are beautiful moments throughout the movie which can be an eye-opener for parents to understand their kids better


1) The 10 year boy (Pritviraj Das) as the ‘special child” simply stuns with his expressions which is uniform till the end, despite the fact that he doesn’t need to show any variety in his expressions or acting.

2) Sneha is thoroughly professional and her soulful performance is really a value addition to this movie.

3) Kishore is a proven actor and he handles the sensitive role with ease. Both as a cop and father, his acting skills are versatile and he clearly conveys the painful emotions as father of “special child”.

4) Yugisethu as a doctor comes only for a couple of shots, but plays a powerful role. The dialogues spoken by Yugisethu will definitely change our view about ‘autism” and emphasize the responsibility of the society in handling these kids


Camera (Rathnavelu) perfectly travels with the mood of the movie and provides a good support to the movie. “Police gana” song is good and other songs are okay ( Vijay Antony). Editing is crisp except few comedy scenes.


There is really nothing negative in this movie. The only minor comment is that the solo comedy scenes by Soori (with school teacher) are not interesting.


Please note that this movie is not a tear-jerker, but a movie filled with lots of heartwarming moments which will stay with us forever.  If you are young father and if you are watching this movie with your child (need not be a “special child”), you can’t resist yourself from kissing your child at least for couple of times in the theatre. These kinds of movies are rare and should not be missed at any cost. MUST WATCH, MUST WATCH, MUST WATCH.

Ram Kumar
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