Kadal - Story lets Manirathnam down

Kadal - Story lets Manirathnam down

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Alaigal Oivathillai marked the debut of “Karthik” & “Radha” in Tamil Cinema. This movie marks the debut of “Gautham” (Son of Karthik) & Thulasi (Daughter of Radha). They can’t get a better director to enter the TAMIL CINEMA.

Gautham doesn’t have any resemblance to Karthik in acting and has managed to do the role without any issues.

Thulasi – It is her first movie and it is very much evident. Her characterization in the movie is the BIGGEST MINUS. 

Arvind Swamy comes back after 12 years. After watching the movie, you may feel that our Tamil Cinema had missed wonderful actor for 12 years

Arjun is a good actor but he had not had opportunity to show his acting skills as he prefers action oriented movies. He had got an opportunity to play the VILLAIN role in the movie and he had really done it with perfection. He is the best actor in this movie without any doubt.

Music by A.R.R. What can I say about the Magician? Songs – you people know already about it. BGM was Awesome. But, picturization? Manirathnam didn't do justice to his wonderful songs. Picturization of the wonderful Nenjukkulae Song was absolutely not up-to the mark.

Cinematography is by Rajiv Menon. He reunites with Manirathnam after the success of Bombay & Guru. Each and every frame looks like a BEAUTIFUL DRAWING. He is the REAL HERO of this movie.

Editor is Sreekar Prasad. He had more than 5 National Awards and he is one of the best editors in INDIAN CINEMA. Movie runs for 150 minutes and looks very much dragging as there is absolutely no story in it. He must have edited lots of scenes which were unnecessary in the movie and makes the audience yawn in the theatre.

Director Manirathnam is one person whom the person in Tamil Nadu loves a lot despite his recent movies not running well. They used to praise him like anything before the movie gets released and starts shouting him after it get released. This Movie too created huge expectation after the trailer as the dialogues and scenes looked much different from his usual style. But, the trend continues. People started scolding him for taking a movie like this. First half of the movie is good and it has Manirathnam’s touch. But, second half completely falls flat and fails miserably in the climax.

Rating for the first half – 2.75 / 5 , Second Half – 1.25 / 5

Rating for this movie by Common Man - 2 / 5

Sathish Kumar
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