D-16 – My Gush of Thoughts!

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D-16 – My Gush of Thoughts!

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What a movie it was! Rather than just a plain thriller movie, I would call it a riddle for the audience!  The puzzle is thrown up in random, to the audience in first half. The second half re-arranges the clues of the puzzle giving a perfect finish! I could not stop raise my hands and give a big clap on just seeing the final surprise element in the movie!

As one of the reviewers of an online movie forum mentioned it – We need to encourage movies like D-16. Else, the audience may be forced to watch mindless movies, which solely depend on a hero or dumb comedies. I felt myself completely agreeing to this reviewer after seeing D-16.

Key Pluses, which I felt, in D-16 are the script, Rahman’s performance, selection of all other fresh faces and a fantastic technical crew with cinematography being a class apart. Other notable pluses of D-16 include lack of a heroine and songs, which might have derailed the entire script. I could see the maturity of director’s writing in D-16 which would be missing in many of the Kollywood movies.

Key minuses, which I felt, were the lack of depth in writing of certain key characters with the exception of Deepak and the killer face shown in the first scene only distracted the audience from solving the riddle, with little or no value add to the script.

Whatever may be the minuses, I would like to appreciate and thank the entire team of D-16 for having given such a ‘class apart’ movie to the Tamil audience. 

I remember seeing in one of the online movie sites that D-16 is set for release in May 2016. But the movie got its release only in December 2016. I could envisage the kind of struggles, the team of D-16 could have faced in releasing the movie. Nevertheless, as one of the old saying goes ‘Hard Work pays off’, the critical reception of the movie should have been so consoling for the team.

As per my understanding goes, there are two key aspects for a movie’s success in box office– Content and Reach. D-16 definitely had the first aspect right. However, the movie lacked reach as I could see the movie not getting enough screens at the time of release. This is because, as I presume, is that the movie lacks a ‘big hero’ and distributors failing to understand ‘content is real king’ nowadays. Had D-16 released big with due respect to its content on day one itself, the distributors would have earned handsome returns! With Pongal a few days away, the lifetime of D-16 is nearing an end in theatres as a big hero’s film is awaiting release and I think distributors have lost a fair chance of earning a handsome!

I know of Rahman only as a yesteryear hero and I have seen him playing negative shades in some movies. This is the first movie I am seeing him playing a full-fledged hero. If Rahman does a couple of more characters like Deepak in D-16, I’ m sure I will shun my loyalty to my present star and turn his fan!

Special kudos to the Producer for showing his belief in the script! I don’t know whether the producer has made his returns or not, but what I can say for sure is that he has one class of a movie, to the Tamil audience.

With the D-16 Director Mr.Naren hitting a six in his first ball, now I’m waiting to see how he handles the second ball of his career!

Great Work Team D-16!

Manikandan Sanjive
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