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Director Karthick Naren talks about his debut film Dhuruvangal 16 aka D16

Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru or D16 is an upcoming film directed by Karthick Naren. The riveting trailer had caught the attention of movie buffs and we chat with the young director to know more.

How did your entry into filmdom happen?
My home town is Ooty but I did my schooling and college in Coimbatore. When I was in the first year of engineering, the short film boom had sprung up and the bug bit me then. I did a short film to partake in a college competition. That’s when I realized that filmmaking could be interesting.  After that, I have done a few short films which were all like trial and error basis. But people who watched my short films were appreciative of my efforts which gave me the confidence to venture into feature film.

The film is not like a whodunit kind or a murder mystery.  There are subplots in it and one of it is there in the trailer. There are many characters in the film and each has its own motive.

There are too many English dialogues in the trailer. Your comment?
Rahman plays a cop in the film and generally in Tamil films, cop characters would be physically demanding. But in this, it’s not like that. In fact, there are no action sequences at all and Rahman would not even raise his voice throughout the movie. He has played it very subtle. The character required speaking in English and that’s why we had it that way. 

Trailer and the film
Through Rahman sir’s conversations, we have hinted at the film’s narrative and screenplay structure. That’s the reason we cut the trailer in a specific manner so that it registers in the minds of the audience.

D-16 does not have an opening or ending. It will start from the middle of the story. That’s why we have been emphasizing in the poster- Every Detail Counts.  If you come late or if you miss one scene, you would find it difficult to connect with the happenings on screen. Attention is a must for D-16.

Well known face in the film is only Rahman sir. We needed fresh faces for the story. I felt that when the audience watches the film, if it’s a new face, there would be an instant connect with the film and the character which may not happen with a known face. That’s the reason for all new cast.

The story is about redemption. Since we wanted to categorize the genre, we had mentioned it as a thriller. But people who had seen the film could not slot it. If I say thriller, then there will not be anything for the viewer to take back. D-16 will be engaging throughout. It is an emotional film. The trailer will be an intro to the film but there will be more elements in it.

The film has been censored with U/A without cuts. Censor officials were much appreciative of the film and lauded about the presentation. They also felt that it is going to be a hit with multiplex audience and congratulated us on the clarity of thought. The U/A is given for the storyline and not because of violence or vulgarity. We will soon be announcing the release date.


We wish you the best Karthick Naren with D16!


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar


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Director Karthick Naren talks about his debut film Dhuruvangal 16 aka D16

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