Birthday wish to my dear 'Thala'

Birthday wish to my dear 'Thala'

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It`s yet another day in a yet another year. Nothing has changed in my miserable (?!) life. Got no gifts, got no appraisals, heard no congratulations, rode no ducati.
Yet!! It feels to be a special day today. It`s not everyday that you get a happy feeling when happy things happen to people we see in our daily life. Those kinda people will either be our love or our family. Not anyone else in this world.
My heart felt happiness today because it`s a special day for my Thala. It`s his birthday today. Yes, it`s My Thala`s b`day that brings a special happy feeling to me and I`m kinda surprised and it`s now that i feel where he stays in my heart.
No normal person gets to stay in anyones heart and My Thala is no normal person. He is one respectable human, Lovable family man, passionate motorist and last but not least a loyal man for work and money.
His life gives strength to my heart when it pumps low at times. It`s not a feeling that everyone feels , but Each and every Thala fan does. And that`s exactly why his fans never went down in numbers and increases day by day.
May be we became great fans because of his roles in movies, but it`s his real life character that made us proud fans.
I`m One of his many loyal fans who finds pride in lifting the collars holding the head up high and saying "I`m a fan of Thala Ajith Kumar".
I wish him a very good and happy life and a very good career for the years to come.
Happy Birthday Thala...:-)
We are always there for you...:-)
A. Ramesh Raja

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