Arrambam Movie Review by Common Man

Arrambam Movie Review by Common Man

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No Promotions, No Audio Launch, even Title of the movie was revealed only during post-production, Lead Actor didn’t occupy TV Screens with his presence or go around the globe for Promotions, but tickets have been sold out much faster than IRCT Deepavali Train Tickets. It can happen only to the KING OF OPENING – Thala Ajith. Vishnuvardhan’s last 2 movies (Sarvam & Panjaa –Telugu) didn’t succeed at the box office. Ajith’s last movie Billa 2 didn’t satisfy the Common Man, but even then the expectation for Arrambam was SKY HIGH. Even after giving an ordinary movie, only Ajith can have a thunderous opening for his next movie.

91 Shows in a Multiplex (Mayajaal) on a single day, 80% of the multi-screen theaters will be running only Arrambam for the first 2 days on all screens, Single screen theaters which were releasing AAA & Pandiya Naadu on 2nd Nov (Saturday), had bought Arrambam for a huge price for releasing it in their theaters for just 2 days. Almost all the shows for the first 4 days are full, which means, approximately 1000 shows are full. Though the movie releases in record number of theaters in Tamil Nadu, people are finding it difficult to even get a single seat for the first week. This clearly shows that movie is not only expected by AJITH Fans but also the general public. Initial Collection Report for the movie is definitely going to be a RECORD one without any doubt.
Let us see whether Ajith + Vishnu combo satisfies Ajith Fans & Common Man yet again in this review.
Story: There was rumour going around that movie is inspiration of Hollywood Movie “Sword Fish”. Arrambam is based on real life incident and it is not inspiration from any movie in the world. Theme of the movie is social oriented one and it much needed one for our NATION. Story of the movie can be written within a line or two, but the screenplay of the movie in the first half was extremely fast and will satisfy anyone whoever watches the movie. Story of the movie is too predictable, hence second half with scenes which are similar to previous movies, may look like little dragging for the common audience.
Ajith – In the first half, Ajith almost plays Villain role. After Superstar, only Thala can do a negative role & gets applause from the audience.. His Introduction scene in the movie was a normal one, but even then his fans will like it. In the first half, he looks extremely stylish & charming. His Charismatic looks with cute expressions in the first half will be a Visual Treat for everyone and fans may watch the movie thrice for the first half alone. His role in the second half is quite different from the first half; he has really underplayed it in the flash back. Though it is a multistarrer movie, he carries the whole movie on his own shoulders asusual. He even drives his favourite Ducati in a scene. You can see the hardwork & dedication of Ajith in various scenes. This will be one of the best movies in his career.
Almost all the supporting actors (Arya, Nayanthara, Taapsee) have got good screen presence in the movie. Arya's characterization in the movie was too good and he has done a commendable job. He occupies the screen for 15 minutes after Ajith’s introduction song. His scenes in the movie were really good and he has wonderful dialogues praising Thala in the second half. Nayanthara has equal screen presence along with Ajith and has acted well. Taapsee looks beautiful and fits the character.
Rana Daggubati – He plays a cameo role and his role in the movie is very important one

Kishore – He is one of the very talented actors in Tamil Cinema. He has got a meaty role in the movie and has done complete justice to the role.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s BGM gives the much needed build-up for the person who has stoled millions of hearts. But, when compared to Mankatha, his BGM in this movie was not upto the mark. Choreography could have been better. Ajith tries to dance in the intro song. Dance - who cares? If Ajith shakes his hand, it is much more than enough for his fans.

8 National Award Winning Editor Sreekar Prasad has done a fantabulous job in the first half of the movie. He could have edited few more scenes in the second half. Movie looks little dragging with predictable story & usual scenes in the second half.

Cinematographer Omprakash . Each & every scene in the movie looks colourful & stylish.

Director Vishnuvardhan has taken only 6 movies in his 11 year career in Tamil Movie industry including Arrambam. Out of his 6 movies, Arya had acted in 4 movies. Billa was the most stylish movie in Tamil Cinema. His last telugu movie “Panjaa” with Pawan Kalyan didn’t succeed much at the box office, but was praised for the most stylish making in Telugu Cinema too.

He has given yet another stylish movie with usual story. First half is extremely good and will satisfy everyone as it has the fastest screenplay in the recent times. Due to predictable story, 157 minutes duration & usual scenes in the second half, movie may look little dragging to few people. But, for Ajith fans, start the party. It is going to be an extended Diwali for them as they will watch the movie again & again as Thala looks too stylish & has wonderful scenes with good dialogues

Overall, Arrambam has excellent first half with interesting screenplay, usual flashback scenes in the second half with good  message to the society in the climax.

Rating of this movie by Common Man - 3.25 / 5 (First half – 4 / 5, Second Half – 2.5 / 5)

Overall, for Thala fans, this Deepavali will be much more memorable than their Thala Deepavali and it is the best Deepavali treat, they can receive from their Thala.

Rating of this movie for Ajith Fans – 4 / 5
Sathish Kumar

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