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Arrambam opens up big in silver screens today amidst of Himalayan expectations after Ajith’s previous gangster flick Billa-2 bombed at the box-office. It is evident from Arrambam’s trailer that the film is so stylish and looks to wrap up all the amounts that distributors lost in Billa2. On the other hand, ardent fans of Ajith never lost hope in him. Will Arrambam tick all the above boxes?? Let’s look at it.



A straight forward police officer avenge his friend's death which in turn leads to eradicating corruption of Indian politics.


* One man Army - Ajith steals the show with his powerful one lines & action sequences

* Nayan did justice to her role, hanging around as a perfect coordinator to Ajith, not much action sequences as she did n Billa.

* An ultra-cool Arya has emerging as a pet boy role & excels in whatever the role he got.

*A welcome debut for Rana Daggubatti in Kollywood. Both Rana and Kishore befits the police role aptly.

*Both the villains have enough scope to perform & they did adequate job.

Technical side:

*Credits to writer duo Subha to make this revenge drama come alive via the gripping screenplay.

*Vishnu-Subha combo looks promising after Shankar- Sujatha & K.V.Anand- Subha combo for their intriguing screenplay.

*Great job Vishnu sir, you just knew the pulses of what Ajith fans would want from him.

*The film is a way ahead of other Kollywood releases in technical side.

*The cinematography by Om Prakash will be the talk of town for the next few years and the locations, songs & fight shots are well enhanced.

*Lee Whittaker just mesmerizes us in the action sequences. Take a bow, Lee sir!!

*Yuvan's BGM is sufficient enough to attract you and takes the movie forward.


*Technical extravaganza film which betters Kollywood previous releases.

*No boring sequences- taut screenplay thanks to Vishnu.

*Energetic Ajith's screen presence.

*The powerful one liners by Ajith are mass, thought provoking & funny also.

* After a long time, Ajith's film comes out with a social message, I assure it will be a great impact in the box-office collections.

*The movie strikes the screens in a correct time where the people are fed up of watching slapstick comedies. A great sigh for thriller audiences.


*There is nothing new when it comes to one-line of the film. Just a REVENGE drama.

*Flashback scenes are predictable and I suppose there are some logical loop holes in technical side only the director can answer for it.


First, the answer to all the above questions mentioned earlier in the preview is YES, Ajith simply made it and the film lives to the hype.

As Ajith's admirer, I would rate the film as 4/5.         

A common man would term as "Above Average" and the rating likely to be 3+ (out of 5).


Make it Simple guys.

Thala Diwali for all bachelors guaranteed.

Entertaining stylish film for all film lovers.Just go for it.


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