A True Story

A True Story

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Rush 2013 - Till now the best movie for 2013 and I vouch it for Oscar Winner for Best Film, Best Cinematography and of course Best Director categories. Normally it takes 8 to 10 times watch to make it to my All-time top 10 movies. But this movie straight away snatched a place in my all-time top 10 movies. One of great Sports Bio-Pics ever seen. 
Everyone said that story is about 2 Formula one legendary rivals James Hunt and Nikki Laude. But movie is really not just about it. 
It’s about Friendship and Enemity
It’s difference between acquaintance and a competitor
It’s about Lust and Love
It’s about an English and a German
It’s about Greed and Hunger
It’s about optimism and pessimism
It’s about converting pessimism into optimism
It’s about difference between goal and reality 
It’s about Fear by love and winning by the same love
It’s about sacrificing wife for a goal and sacrificing the goal for a wife.
It’s about attaining goal in RUSH and a mellowed approach towards goal
It’s about Passion and compassion
It’s about aggression and matured aggression
It’s about life and death
It’s about “A wise, learning from his enemy and a fool, learning from his friends”
It’s about “Your life is larger than your goal”
Finally it’s about “Not how fast’n RUSH your heart beats but it’s about how long it beats”
This is not just a movie it’s an epic every man should watch. Ron Howard has done it time and again, he again proves that he is part of elite director’s club of Hollywood. A great story told is a language where every man can understand. Cinematography just of the world.
Verdict – Close this page and book your tickets. 
Harish Tinkku

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