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The ways in which US media works, Avatar, Titanic


The ways in which US media works

Media – This word ring out a literal gold mine to the Hollywood.  Hollywood producers make sure the film is marketed in every available and conceivable way it can be marketed. Simply, this absolute marketing is their Job no.1! That is it. As every medium has many sub divisions within them, let us glance through the only the top pick of mediums.

Domestic Theatrical:

Domestic Theatrical is the topic that was discussed in the previous topic in detail. This duration lasts for five months. Few films have a good theatrical run period of three months, though last 4 or 5 weeks would be a mere one or two shows only be shown. Initially the screening agreement would be made only for 5 weeks. If the movie outruns this period, the agreement is renewed for a further four weeks. Like this, the agreements are renewed based on need and situation. After this five-week period, a film would continue to remain in demand for a period of 3-4 weeks, prevalently in second-run theaters.

Foreign Theatrical:

A film cannot be released at the same date and time across all the corners of the globe. Universal subject films like Avatar, Titanic, 2012 only are released such way in non-English speaking nations like us as well.  Some other movies would reach foreign shores after few weeks from domestic release, like second release in homeland. However, most Hollywood films release at same time in English speaking countries of Canada, England and Australia; sometimes, even ahead of USA. The price for foreign theatrical rights depends mostly upon the lead cast, mainly hero of the movie. Distribution houses, banking on the hero’s brand, cash in on the foreign buyers.

Benefit for such delayed releases in overseas comes from internet. If the film has acclaimed critical reception in domestic market, internet communicates this positive response to the targeted international markets and boosts the film success by creating expectation. This translates into good opening. The same internet can play spoilsport the films overseas business if the film is a dud.

Notwithstanding this, a few movies, which flopped in USA, have become good grosser films in foreign theatrical. It had also happened vice-versa, thanks to the ever-changing dynamics of the worldwide likes and dislikes. In very few countries, there is a limitation for number of American films released in a year. Had that quota already been completed, the new films may have to wait for their allotment in next year’s quota. Thus, foreign theatrical release rights can be alive for 13-14 months from the theatrical release in domestic market.

Worldwide Home Video:

We are unaware of the massive impact of home video as we are only used to our pirated Barma Bazaar videos. Even Pro-Technology personas like Kamalhaasan do not seem to care about this piracy phenomenon. When other nations have upped the ante with Blu-Ray, DVD, HD-DVD (This format is obsolete now), we are still stuck with pirated VCDs. Though illegal, these VCDs have commendable print quality, which is a sad thing for organized Home Video market.

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