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Karthi Sivakumar, has delivered hits for the most part. In the rare occasions that he has missed his wide eyed innocence, easy smile and refreshing looks come to his rescue.

With his father Sivakumar and brother Surya established firmly in the world of Tamil cinema, it was natural that this young lad wanted to make a career in cinema. So even while pursuing post graduation in the distant shores of America, his mind has wandered tirelessly to the streets of Kodambakkam. He assisted Mani Ratnam in Ayutha Ezhuthu despite the offer to star in it, since direction intrigued him. But it was his father who convinced him to focus on acting in front of the lens rather than directing behind it. And, how well that has paid off.

With Paruthi Veeran, another son from the Sivakumar household shone brightly. It was difficult to fathom that this was his debut movie. If the arid land, rustic setting and rural scenery oozed poetry on screen, Karthi’s depiction of the rugged rogue infused with bumpkin bravado was accurate. How did he manage this feat as a newcomer?  Some try, some are tutored but very few can achieve this level of acting prowess in their first attempts. With Paruthi Veeran, Karthi raged through the screen and landed with a bang in Tamil Cinema. This was a talent to scout for and nurture.

From Ameer to Aayirathil Oruvan, he steered through camps most heroes fail to venture during their entire careers. Selva Raghavan is a director who does not shy away from projecting the dark corners of our minds and streets on to the big screen. To star in his movie is akin to risking a fall from the cliff just to feel the euphoria of an adventure. Success or failure comes secondary to a movie like Aayarithil Oruvan which broke barriers for the mere pleasure of viewing the fantasies that crowd Selva’s restless mind. Karthi’s performance, second time around, silenced any doubts that lingered.

His thirst for urban stories was satiated with Lingusamay’s road romance Paiyaa. While his clothes and lifestyle mirrored a city life his dialect still remained rooted in the villages of his maiden attempt. Paiyaa and Siruthai cemented his hold in commercial cinema. His screen chemistry with Tamannah worked wonders and the songs were chartbusters. Rocket Raja and Kaathu Poochi rib tickled us and Karthi proved that he could handle comedy deftly. Naan Mahaan Alla played to his strength. He was a natural at romance and lived the middle class life. Rage and revenge came naturally when provoked and the movie was a big credit to his career.

Saguni and Alex Pandian flashed through our eyes without creating a flutter. While they play to the commercial aspect of cinema, for an actor of Karthi’s caliber these are cake walks. Unless he picks scripts that showcases his capabilities rather than playing to mainstream masala, he risks the chance of fading away. In a world where you are recognized based on your last outing, Karthi has not had enough success in his recent past to rest on. Emoting like a natural, casual attitude and his sense of humor are his forte and if he plays to his strengths, he will emerge glorious.

A career spanning less than 10 movies, Karthi has grown from the family shadows to a star on his own merit. Let us hope that this All in All Azhagu Raja’s Briyani is delicious.

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