First Listen : Sathuranga Vettai, Sathuranga Vettai


‘First Listen’ is a new feature where Behindwoods score an exclusive listening session of an album ahead of its scheduled release to offer the audiences an insight into what to expect from the soundtrack.

A trip down to Sean Roldan’s (SR) studio will tell you that the composer is a man who likes to keep himself busy notwithstanding his overflowing ideas, his restless nature and his efficiency. In one end SR is busy playing the tunes from another upcoming film to Think Music’s Santhosh with the director taking him through the scenes. Outside in what might traditionally be the living room, Abin, SR's engineer, has been plucking strings for what could have been hours. (A couple of hours later he would be the one smiling the most in the photoshoot thereafter, more than relieved you might imagine). In between all of this, he makes time to drop off nuggets on his thought process and his musical drive to the author.

This is the kind of bustle you can expect from Sean Roldan’s one-two punch releases – Sathuranga Vettai and Mundasupatti which come out on 27th and 28th April respectively. Both the albums are unique, in general and to each other, by a staggering degree and are quite reflective of SR’s creative nature. As a singer, his voice is set to be vividly recognizable by his raspy tubes and with these successive releases (including the film release of Vaayai Moodi Pesavum), SR is likely to firmly establish his eccentric approach towards composing.

With Sathuranga Vettai he cautiously proceeds to speak of the context of the music in the film, and it feels as if this understanding is important because the album certainly demands some insight into the sociopolitical nature of the film. The film is written and directed by H.Vinoth, whose knack for hard-hitting one-liners SR holds in high regard.

SR explains that the film dwells in the depths of reasoning with evil in a manner that could be seen as uncomfortable yet undeniable to an average person. The music therefore lurks in the alleyways of the dark and unwelcoming.

The title ‘Yemaarum Janame’ sets the tone of the album, with both its literary cynicism and the undaunted music templates experimented here. ‘Kadhla’, is a beautiful longing ballad sung by Kalyani and has SR working with Vairamuthu for the first time. Tempted by the opportunity of working with the revered poet, SR bids for yet another song from Vairamuthu, ‘Verichodi Ponathada’ and constructs his music around it and presents it with conviction as a singer.

SR points out that singer Sathya Prakash is a rare talent amongst the TV show contestants and features him in a power ballad titled ‘Munne En Munne’ penned by Karky. SR kicks up an electro-kuthu beat to close the album with Anthony Dasan exuberantly chanting out Muthamizh’s verses.

Sathuranga Vettai is no ordinary music album. It’s best approached as an experimental soundtrack with a keen ear for some clever and unsparing lines before experiencing the musical and lyrical phrasing on screen.  

Sathuranga Vettai album releases on 27th April.

*Track List*

1. Yaemaarum Janame
    Singers: Sean Roldan
    Lyrics : GKB

2. Kadhala Kadhala
    Singers: Kalyani Nair
    Lyrics : Vairamuthu

3. Verichodi Ponathada
    Singers: Sean Roldan
    Lyrics : Vairamuthu

4. Munnae Enn Munnae
    Singers: Sathya Prakash
    Lyrics : Madan Karky

5. Porappa.. Nadappa
    Singers: Anthony Dasan
    Lyrics : Muthamizh

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