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Chekka Chivantha Vaanam - Arun Vijay's Thyagu Character analysis

Heavy Spoilers ahead, proceed at own risk.

"It's not over until it's over!"

Perhaps this one line is something that Thiyagu doesn't seem to understand. He is someone who celebrates things early. The sight of success, is not success. Just because you see light at the end of the tunnel, doesn't mean reaching there is easy. What if a train comes out of nowhere, and knocks you down flat?

When Thyagu and his family are attacked when he first visits India, he chases someone into an incomplete construction site, he hits that guy and the enemy falls down. Thyagu doesn't bother to check if he's dead. He is just proud that he managed to take revenge, and screams at the top of his voice.

Consider this sequence when Senapathy dies... Varadan calls up Thyagu and informs that he has to come back to India. Thyagu is more focussed on a business transaction that he has to complete. When he asks Varadan for the money to be transferred, he doesn't get a positive response. Still he goes inside the ship and announces that the money is here! At times he knows the job is incomplete, but leaves the rest to god. Otherwise... he doesn't know that the job is incomplete.

When Aishwarya Rajesh as Renu, is sent to Jail, he goes to visit her. He doesn't tell her that he'll get her out. That would have given her hope. Rather, he blurts out "I won't leave the ones who sent you to jail. Till that stay here for your safety."

When he first sits on Senapathy's sofa, we get a glimpse of his desire. He wants to be there, but he knows that Varadan is in the driver's seat. "Anna kitta sollidatheenga", seems to be casually tossed line, but only Thyagu knows the how serious it is.

Towards the end of the film, in a majestic sequence where he enters the house and jumps and sits on 'Senapathy's sofa', he feels he is the king. He then proceeds to the terrace of the house and again screams at the top of his voice.

Not once does he think that all this happened easily. The whole house is empty. Who is he going to rule? I've never heard of a king stay alone and do his duties all by himself. Thyagu just wants to enjoy the moment, and goes overboard doing so.

During Thyagu's entry, the placement of Sevanthu Pochu Nenju is brilliant. The momentum with which he is entering, the lyrics in the background is:

"Theemai Enbadhu, Aamai Pol Nuzhaivadha?
Budhdhiyai kolvadhu, Bothai adhu!"

After this scene, he only makes an appearance in the climax. In the middle of a discussion(read argument) between the brothers, he shoots Varadan because he was the reason Renu(Aishwarya Rajesh) was sent to jail. "Why did you send Renu to jail?" He doesn't wait for the response, and goes berserk, shooting Varadan.

He makes 2 blunders due to lack of foresightedness. The irony is beautifully placed in a scene before, where Simbu tells Thyagu that he has a vision for future and is the right person to lead.

1) He doesn't ask about the other deaths... All he cares about is why Varadan sent Renu to jail.

2) He wastes all the bullets on Varadan.

Once Varadan is dead, Thyagu again thinks the throne is his. He opens the roof of the car. He tells Simbu that he's going to the top.  He again shouts at the top of his voice. He thinks he has eliminated all the enemies, except the one. The one closest to him, Ethiraj(Simbu).

"There is only one way from the top of the mountain. Downwards."

Bang. Bang. Bang. You know what happened next!

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