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Chekka Chivantha Vaanam - Aravind Swami's Varadan Character analysis

Heavy Spoilers ahead, please read at own risk.

Out of all the characters in Chekka Chivantha Vaanam, the character I found most interesting was Varadan, played by Aravind Swami. 

We all have been there. Feeling inferior that our parents exercise too much control on us. Especially if you're an elder sibling. Your brother would do a lot of things, but you've to stay there, doing what your parents ask you to. Varadan has also been there for sure. He was not allowed to go anywhere. He didn't even get to choose a life partner of his choice.

It is this inferiority complex that triggers Varadan to come up with a ploy to kill Senapathy, his father. He wanted to come to power so that he could do what he wanted, without restrictions. However, when his plan fails and things go haywire, he becomes vulnerable, the vulnerability engulfs him, and that leads him to his death.

When Senapathy comes back after the attack, he tells his wife(Jayasudha) that the one with the sharpest smile has attempted this assassination. As she peeps out of the window, one can see Varadan smiling really hard while the brothers leave for their respective countries.

The next day Senapathy dies of a heart attack. His death coincides with the cry of a baby. Birth and death, the cycle of life. When Varadan says, everyone is a cipher, it can be interpreted that you start where you end.

He has an affair with Parvathy (Aditi Rao Hydari) because he thinks she is the only person he has control on. But, later when his wife Chitra (Jyothika) confronts them, Aditi says "Avar verum OC la saapda varuvaru". If you look carefully, this coincides with the downfall of Varadan. The place he considers as his kingdom, doesn't see him as the king. 

When Ethi takes control of Parvathy, he's lost everything except his wife and life.

He is on the run with Chitra to escape from Ethi. They hide in a school. When Chitra, he and his henchmen have food. What follows is a scene that is written and plays out beautifully. He touches a hot vessel, and immediately withdraws his hand sensing it is hot. A reality check. All his power is trash. The vessel doesn't know who is touching it. The end is near.

A shootout ensues and Chitra is shot. She is admitted to a hospital. Varadan is not sure if she'll come out alive. As a last ditch attempt, he confesses everything he had in his mind. Everything. He pours his heart out. When he realises Chitra is dead, he knows he has nothing to lose.

That's when he becomes dangerous. He goes on a killing spree, when Khalid(Mansoor Ali Khan) comes to pacify him and talk things out. He doesn't choose to give up even in his final moments. There must be a way out. He certainly cannot fight his brothers and win. So, he tries convincing them, but it's too late. The end of Varadan.

Poor Thyagu thinks he's killed Varadan. In reality, it was Varadan's vulnerability and insecurity that took his life.

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