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Yogi Movie Preview
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Starring: Ameer, Madhumitha, Nanda Periyasamy
Direction: Subramaniam Siva
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Production: Team Work Production
Ameer is ready with his big screen debut. After more than a year and a half in the making, Yogi is finally up for release this weekend and the stakes are high. An 11-crore flick, starring one of the most daring directors of our times has a lot riding on it. Yogi is all about a Chennai gangster who doesn’t have a care in the world. The only thing he cares about is himself. He lays down his own rules, lives life the way he pleases and most of all, is a mystery to everyone around him. His past is shrouded away from others; no one knows about his childhood or earlier life, even his closest friends. Crime is his livelihood and he is not at all short of enemies.

But, certain events in a short span of time bring changes in his life. Meeting a girl, a brewing friendship with her on one side while the police and his enemies are even more intent on getting him than usual on the other side. Do these events change his outlook to life? Does he change, do his pursuers get him or does he finish off all of them? Watch Yogi to find out.

The film reportedly talks about many issues that can make us think. There are also a few contentious scenes which are bound to face the Censor opposition. Directed by
Subramaniam Siva of Thiruda Thirudi fame, Yogi is expected to be a hard hitting tale which minces no facts in conveying its content. Starring Madhumitha along side Ameer, the film has music by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Ameer has undergone a very strict diet and exercise regime to get in shape for the role. This was done throughout the shooting span of the movie which extended beyond 18 months. In a recent interview, Ameer had talked a lot about the troubles they had to take whole shooting scenes in prominent locations of Chennai. Let’s hope that the efforts bear dividends.
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