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Vettaikaran Movie Preview
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Starring: Vijay, Anushka.
Direction: Babu Sivan
Music: Vijay Anthony
Production: AVM
Ilaya Thalapathi’s 49th film is here, the countdown for 50 begins. But before we start looking too far ahead for the landmark half century film, there is Vettaikaran that is vying for our attention. When you step into a theater for a Vijay film, you clearly know what to expect. There is going to be no time wasted on formalities, subtleties or the so called messages, it will be full throttle entertainment on screen. Vijay films are synonymous with the fully commercial Kollywood fare and the man has been delivering the goods unflinchingly for nearly two decades now. As he moves closer to the 50 mark, the only things that seem to have changed are the stakes. The number of fans is huge and the expectations are big. So can Vettaikaran satisfy the Vijay fans?

Vettaikaran reportedly tells the story of an IAS officer who goes undercover on a mission. In the interim, he also meets the girl of his dreams and love happens. There comes a time when the mission and the consequences get a bit too personal for his comfort. How he solves all problems, finishes off perpetrators and rescues his love form the basic plot of Vettaikaran. There is admittedly nothing much path breaking about the plot. It is the
execution of the subject and the star presence that has to carry off this film. Execution is with new director Babu Sivan. His credentials will be on test, but it has to be said that he is indeed lucky to be able to direct Vijay on debut. Vijay, expectedly, will be his usual self on screen, the trailers have given enough evidence. The punch dialogues, the high flying fights will all be there for the fans to enjoy and exalt. Anushka will be a refreshing presence of the Tamil screen after quite a while, her pairing with Vijay is certainly going to be a new and different viewing experience.

You cannot talk about Vijay’s movies and not mention the music. The dance numbers are so very integral to any Vijay movie experience. There are a few here too, set to tune by Vijay Anthony. ‘Karigalan…’, and ‘Naan Adicha’ song have already grabbed a lot of attention, the latter especially because Vijay’s son Sanjay too is a part of it.

With all commercial elements that go towards the making of a Vijay film, the new Vijay-Anushka pairing and a few hit numbers, let us hope that Vettaikaran ushers in a late Diwali for all Ilaya Thalapathi fans.
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