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Edhuvum Nadakkum Movie Preview
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Starring: Karthik, Aparna Nair, Ramalingam
Direction: R. Rosario
Music: Raaj
Production: Kesavan, Maheshwaran
Anything can happen, that’s what the title literally means. So, what is it all about. Well, the premise is indeed very novel and interesting. It is about a young man who is driven to desperation due to the constant jeering ways of his colleagues who are always trying to demoralize him in spite of his best efforts to achieve something in his career.

So, what does he do when the taunts cross the threshold? What does he do when the limits of his patience are tested time and again and finally breached? Does he turn viciously violent like a cornered rat which has nothing to lose but its life? Or is there someone who has the proximity and understanding to bring him back to normal. Watch Edhuvum Nadakkum to find out?

Starring Karthik Kumar (Kanda Naal Mudhal…. Ninaithale Inikkum fame) and debutante Aparna Nair, Edhuvum Nadakkum is a novel effort which tries to pull off a realistic narration in a commercially viable manner. We know that the film is a unique effort when the director (Maheshwaran) tells us that there is just one song which is also well entwined into the script. The length of the film is also under
  Edhuvum Nadakkum
two hours, a definite departure from the regular commercial norms. This should be the second such film of the year after Unnaipol Oruvan. The scenic locations of Kerala, especially a big bungalow and surrounding regions are reportedly another highlight of the movie.

With all the markings of a unique effort, let us hope that Edhuvum Nadakkum finds favor with those who are willing to accept and appreciate movies with a difference.
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