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Pugaippadam Movie Preview
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Starring: Yamini, Priya, Anand, Mrunalini, Nanda, Amjad, Sivam, Harris, Madan.
Direction: Rajeshlingam
Music: Gangai Amaran
Production: Boys Studio and Maya Bazaar cinemas
Although it denotes a mere framed photograph, the name Pugaippadam evokes many senses of emotion ranging from nostalgia to longing for memories from the distant past. Every little photograph is capable of transporting you to a different period when you were actually part of the scene captured and cased inside the frame and brings back the old memories like rushing wind from the valleys.

Pugaippadam, as it seems, digs into the ancient story of friendship - in college, at that. So, expect a liberal dollop of college fun, jokes, songs and of course tearjerker dialogues and sermons on the importance of friendship.

Not that we are new to the plot or setting, what intrigues is the director’s promise about how different the movie would be from the regular college rom-coms. If you are seeking questions about how disloyalty can even ruin unadulterated friendship, Pugaippadam tries to unravel the same.

The movie has a horde of newcomers, which means there are no fabricated emotions on display that might bore you. All you get is performances with a tinge of freshness, thanks to the casting. Cast list include Yamini, Priya,
Anand, Mrunalini, Nanda, Amjad, Sivam, Harris and Madan who play the college-goers in this friendship-in-the-college flick.

Produced by Manikandan for Boys Studio and Maya Bazaar cinemas, the movie’s script, screenplay, dialogues and direction are brainchild of Rajeshlingam. Gangai Amaran, who is synonymous with folksy songs, is in-charge of the songs and background score.
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