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The biggest summer release
By Arun Gopinath
June 02, 2008

Three hours of entertainment with a break for Pepsi and pop corn, that’s what movies are supposed to be. Now, we have another candidate that perfectly fits the bill, 20-20 cricket. The IPL is all over the place, on sports pages, on page 3, on news channels, it has been hogging the headlines for over a month now and it is nearly impossible to not get caught up in the

IPL 20-20 Cricket

frenzy.Being an Indian, cricket is expected to run in your blood and as said earlier with 20-20 coming up, the difference between cricket and movies has slimmed down to a fine line. This might be wishful thinking, but the day might not be far off when combo tickets for a 20-20 cricket match and a movie afterwards on the stadium giant screen would be available at the TNCA counters.

Getting down to the IPL. It has been a roaring success. And while its success is a matter of great pleasure for anyone who loves cricket, it might also serve well to look into how it has affected other trades. Having come during the summer holidays has saved the IPL the wrath of parents with children who just can’t concentrate on anything but cricket when a match is telecast on TV. But the film industry, though not complaining, surely has not had the best of summers. Bulk of the blame for that might rest on the quality of movies being churned out but there is no denying the pull of cricket-India’s common religion.

Honestly, who would care to drag themselves out of their houses, brave the traffic, high parking rates and even higher ticket rates to watch a movie that has received average reviews when one can, in the comfort of their drawing rooms watch Sanath Jayasuriya pick a Shoaib Akthar ball off his pads and send it to row Z in the stands. And that’s not all, Sachin Tendulkar watches from the non-strikers end while Sourav Ganguly is at mid-on with his hands on his hips. Or take this, Sachin and Sourav walking out together for the toss. This kind of thing does not happen, even in the overcrowded international cricket calendar.

After the release of Om Shanthi Om, Shahrukh Khan has not canned a shot for any major movie; he just started a couple of days back for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. All this while he has been busy bidding for the likes of Akthar, Ishanth Sharma and others, shooting music videos for the Kolkata Knight Riders and playing the role of CEO cum most energetic cheer leader for his team. The crowds have loved him and no wonder that his special appearance for Bhoothnath has not done anything special for the movie - you get to see him on TV every other day in a Knight Riders jersey and on weekends hosting his game show. Same goes with Preity Zinta who even got herself badly injured during one of the promotional campaigns. Also on the industrial side, Mukesh Ambani has never been so visible in the recallable past, being regularly seen at the Mumbai stadiums cheering his team on. Meanwhile, Mallya has yet again shown what he thinks is the way business should be carried out, perform or perish as Charu Sharma would know. Pressure is not the best thing to drive performance, especially in cricket and Mallya might be discovering that after an already on the slide team turned to punching bags after his public outbursts. But one can’t help admiring the man for finding the time to be at games despite his breweries, airlines and the new Formula 1 team.

The point here is that the IPL is a roaring success. It has taken a lot from other industries- money, time and face value. The question is whether the IPL will be able to return all that to the sources. Reports suggest that most franchisees are still far from seeing profits, especially those at the bottom of the table. Shahrukh already sent five of his players back home to cut costs. Yes, there is a bit of uncertainty as there will be with any new venture but looking at its mass popularity and demand, the IPL will sure come out trumps, at least in the coming seasons, it is nearly sure that the IPL will find a regular place in the cricket calendar. And if it becomes a regular fixture, our summer blockbusters might have to find another window to do their best business. For the majority of India- cricket is first love.

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