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Salangai Oli

In our films song and dance occupy an important position. Yet, there have only been a few films which have celebrated classical dance in a manner befitting its dignity. Salangai oli stands out for its impeccable presentation of all that is beautiful in dance and dancer’s creativity.

kadalora kavidhai

Bharathiraja is the master of romances. His love stories have a strong thematic content to match the romantic elements. He has always strived to give a meaningful face to the apparently mundane mush in love.


In every great film, we get an impression which lingers much after the film is over. In Dalapathi, although good ultimately prevails over evil, the journey is portrayed with the obstacles and difficulties. That is the greatest plus for the film.


It is a simple story told in a powerful manner. Sivaji breathed life into the character so much so that several of his successors have imbibed his style in playing the upright police officer.

Mouna ragam

In today’s world, where youngsters have more freedom to choose their life partners, Mounaragam may seem anachronistic. Yet, it is a film to be watched to understand the nuances of a good and lasting marriage.

Sindu bairavi
Sindu bairavi

This is an important film in the careers of KB and Ilayaraja. Ilayaraja had been known to be the master of rustic, folksy tunes and his remarkable genius with classical music was brought to the fore by the matchless KB.

thillu mullu
Thillu mullu

The great action hero, Rajinikanth was asked to act in a comedy movie and he proved that performing a comedy role was a cake walk for him.


The movie won Kamalahasan his second national award. The film is one of the films in the “Hundred best movies ever made” released by the Times magazine.

thillana mohanambal
Thillana Mohanambal

In the list of films which could be called evergreen entertainers, Thillana Mohanambal would definitely be at the top.

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