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Polladhavan – Movie Review
Behindwoods Movie Review Board
Movie review


Cast: Dhanush, Divya

Direction: Vettrimaran

Music: G V Prakash Kumar

Production: Kathiresan

It hasn’t been long since Dhanush belted out a fiasco like Parattai Enum Azhagusundaram and his circumspection is evident not to replicate the same with Polladavan. He has come out good in his efforts, to an extent.

Dhanush is a happy-go-lucky guy who plays carom in the streets, blows out a considerable amount of his middleclass father’s earnings and indulges in a hopeless romance with a stranger girl who he meets in the bus stop. When caught red-handed for stealing pittance from his father for booze with his friends, Dhanush questions his father’s responsibility towards his upbringing. The angry father gets touchy and parts with some of his dear savings to his son and asks him to get a life. Dhanush gets one, a bike instead. The bike takes over the movie from here - gets Dhanush a job, saves his life from a freak incident and gets lost, subjecting him to interminable anguish, when all hell breaks loose.

That is not all yet. Dhanush’s sees himself at crossroads with underworld, courtesy a brutal murder from where his bike gets stolen. Although he wants to stay away, Dhanush invariably gets dragged into rubbing shoulders with the hooligans who now targets his family to seek revenge. Will Dhanush save his family and his bike from the assassins and reclaim his now-bloomed love is anybody’s guess.

Over the period of years, what Dhanush seems to have learnt is to let go off the image-building factor. He pulls it off with ease during the earlier half of the movie while struggling to make himself and his friends believe that a girl is earnestly in love with him. Tailor made script, Dhanush hasn’t left a single possibility to prove himself.

Divya has three duets and less than a handful of scenes to her credit. She is curvy and seems to have potential. She is at complete ease in the romantic scenes which need mention as these days romance in movies seem largely contrived. There couldn’t have been a better choice than Murali, as Dhanush’s stern and considerate father. While portraying a characteristic middle class father’s role with effortless ease, he wells one’s eyes in scenes when he comes out in support of his son. Bhanupriya, as an emblematic mother, essays the role with her distinctive effortlessness. Karunas and Santhanam take the credit of lightening the mood of the movie with their wisecracks. Daniel Balaji as the adamant and hot headed goon does a good job, though it does carry shades of his character in 'Vettaiyaadu...'

Director Vetri Maran’s non-linear narration and packaging style are unique. Characterization needs special mention as they don't contradict themselves during the course of the movie. Though good in patches, a tighter and focused screenplay could have helped the movie much more. The director does go over board, in fact, a few face off scenes between Dhanush and Daniel is an exercise in self indulgence. Vetri Maran shows promise but still has a long way to go as far as finesse is concerned.

Songs are well choreographed, Engeyum Eppodum is sure to become a rage among the music charts. 'Adichchi Paarthean ..' number at Dhanush's friend's sister's marriage, does stick out of the flow. The re-recording by G.V.Prakaash appropriately emphasizes the emotions required.

Cinematography and production design blend very well bringing to life the surroundings, the characters are set in, especially the setting of the shady bike robbery rackets does send chills down your spine. Dhanush’s stunt scenes are stylishly shot. Censors seems to have played havoc chopping violence left, right and center so much so that some of the stunts in the climax lack continuity, so do some dialogues. They do have a fuzzy logic, profanity is expected from guys who are smugglers and goons, they would not have in anyway seemed inappropriate, the film was any way granted an 'A' certificate.

On the whole, Polladavan is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some might find it gory, some might find it a tad slow but there is certainly going to be a section of crowd who find the narrative good. If it still interests you, why not give it a try.


Verdict: Strictly for the brave hearts!

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