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Kannaamoochi Enadaa
Kannaamoochi Enadaa – Family Meals!
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Kannaamoochi Enadaa
Movie review

Kannamoochi Enadaa

Cast : Sathyaraj, Radhika Sarathkumar, Prithviraj, Sandhya, Sripriya

Direction: Priya V

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Production: Radaan Mediaworks (I) Ltd, UTV Motion Pictures

Love at first sight, resistance from parents, and villainy from the wicked uncle – V.Priya’s second venture Kannaamoochi Enadaa is a hodgepodge of emotions, predominated by love. In the contemporary world of cinema ruled by edge-of-the-seat action thrillers, Kannaamoochi Enadaa attempts to break the barrier with the formula of feel-good love supplemented with familial bonds.

Prithviraj, a software architect by profession who lives in Malaysia, is the millionaire stepson of Radharavi. Having lost his parents early in life, Prithvi runs the business of his uncle with impressive results. He stumbles upon the psychiatry student Sandhya, in the most cinematic manner, and as script would have it, falls for her that very instant. Sandhya is the daughter of Commissioner of Police Satyaraj and Radhika in Chennai.

As the fairy tale progresses, Sandhya is being summoned by her parents for their silver jubilee wedding anniversary back home. Notwithstanding the fact that he has a flourishing business to attend to and much to the wrath of his uncle - who arranges for his wedding with his business partner’s daughter - Prithvi takes the next flight to Chennai to accompany Sandhya. He is subjected to a warm welcome by Radhika and cold shoulder by Satyaraj. To make matters worse, Radharavi’s vicious character assassination – in the name of a complaint he sends to the Police Commissioner’s office – doesn’t help Prithvi in the task of gaining enough confidence among his girlfriend’s parents. Will Prithvi ever win his love back, now that his chance of impressing Sandhya’s parents are doomed, forms the rest of the story. Kannaamoochi Enadaa thus sledges its way towards a rather predictable ending adding yet another array of characters during the process.

Kannaamoochi Enadaa

The movie does have its moments. Not to mention, the director deserves to be lauded for not banking on just eyeball grabbing skin show or gravity defying stunt scenes. The first half, sharing resemblance to a desified version of Hollywood blockbuster, “Meet the Parents”, travels at a good speed with a medley of romantic and feel-good scenes, courtesy the chemistry between Prithvi and Sandhya that lights up the screen vibrantly. While Prithvi’s strategies to woo Sandhya are adorable, his traits do work wonders for the movie. His career is gaining momentum and his nuances in acting are discernible during emotional scenes – especially the scenes where he suffers insult at the hotel by Satyaraj. Sandhya plays a chirpy and short-tempered young girl and pulls it off with consummate ease. She looks adorably cute in the song sequences – thanks to whoever designed her gorgeous costumes. The scene where, Prithviraj having trouble sleeping while Sandhya is sound asleep, tells her that he wants to be a good grandfather for her grandchildren and goes back to sleep peacefully and in turn Sandhya loosing hers was cute.
Kannaamoochi Enadaa

Although Satyaraj’s character demands dignity and poise expected of a Police Commissioner, director Priya seems to have purposefully diluted the seriousness of the character portraying him rather comically. You can't imagine anyone but Satyaraj essaying such a character with utmost comfort. Radhika’s role as a mother makes for another neat choice, wonder why she limits herself to the small screen. Sripriya as Sathyaraj’s twin sister does have some good moments too.

Dialogues are crisp and engaging. Cinematography by P.C.Sriram’s assistant Preeta, though good in flashes has few glitches too. Better editing could have avoided a slumping second half. Yuvan’s music is OK, with yesteryear hit remix ‘Andru Vandadum Adhe Nila’ standing out. “Kan oonjal adi irundhal” song too has been choreographed enjoyably. Few comics might not be for everyone’s laugh; nevertheless, the movie does manage to leave the audience with a smile.

To sum it all up, V. Priya's effort is noteworthy, if her first movie was like a morning cup of coffee for the youth, this time she serves well for the whole family.

Verdict - Worth a watch.

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