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Interview Team : Mithun

The director of the upcoming Thirumanam Enum Nikkah, Anees is eagerly waiting for the movie's release. The music is already a superhit and audiences are mighty interested to know what Anees has in store, in the movie. In this chat with Mithun, Anees opens up about TEN, Jai and of course the pretty Nazriya Nazim ... 


Tell us about Thirumanam Enum Nikkah?

Thirumanam Enum Nikkah is a movie for everybody. It has no objective to hurt anybody. The intention was to showcase the rituals and culture that happen in the lives of the lead actors.


What’s the problem now?

The problem was that the trailer had a scene, which depicted a ritual of the self-flagellation of Shiite Muslims. A certain organization felt that such scenes would degrade the actual process. But, I myself went and explained the scene and the intention behind having such a scene. Now, it is all sorted.


Now that all issues are sorted, when will the movie release?

We could have chosen to release the movie now. However, when my fellow Muslims are fasting, it would not be good. So, we will be releasing the movie by Ramzan. That time would be ideal for the release, as we have a lot of scenes related to the festival.

When my fellow Muslims are fasting, the film's release would not be apt


What’s your take on organizations stalling a release? It’s now happening for almost all releases.

Basically, I support these organizations that rise for what they believe in. Indian Cinema has crossed 100 years - not all movies face release issues. Cinema is a medium that can influence people. Unless these organizations police irrational wrongs depicted in cinema, beliefs will be shattered. So, I am for such organizations and what they do.

I am for such organizations and what they do


But what do you feel about judging a Cinema with just a trailer?

However, judging a cinema just with a trailer or posters is wrong. That was what happened with Thirumanam Enum Nikkah. Now, once the context is understood, all the problems of Thirumanam Enum Nikkah are solved.

All the problems of Thirumanam Enum Nikkah are solved


Let’s talk about your lead actors. How did Jai walk into this project?

Generally directors contact heroes. But, in my case it was the opposite. Jai learned about my Thirumanam Enum Nikkah script through his friends, and contacted me. Initially, I was a little apprehensive about casting Jai, as the role in my movie was entirely opposite to what he had done in his Engeyum Eppothum. However, he insisted and now, there can be no better person than Jai for my movie

Initially, I was a little apprehensive about casting Jai


About Nazriya?

Nazriya’s face is symmetric – the left and right side of the face would be mirror images of each other. People with such faces would be brilliant actresses. When I first casted Nazriya, she was studying in her 11th standard. Now, looking at her growth and her choice of movies, I am truly amazed. My only advice for her is that she should be careful with her choice of movies.

When I first casted Nazriya, she was studying in her 11th standard


Thirumanam Enum Nikkah is more special to us because our BW Correspondent Abhishek has acted in it. Comment on Abhishek?

Abhishek is an amazing actor. Even my sound engineer was amazed with his comic timing. Many chided me for not having a substantial role for Abhishek. I just hope that he gets a big launch soon. Hopefully, my next movie will have a sizeable role for him.

Abhishek is an amazing actor


With continuous delays, what is your Support System?

Being my debut movie, my entire hope is pinned on Thirumanam Enum Nikkah. However, its continuous delay has downed me, but hasn’t shattered me. My pillar of support has been my family. And, my producer hasn’t given up too. Even my father would not invest money on me, but my producer trusted me. And, I hope the movie delivers for him.


Ghibran’s work?

When we booked Ghibran, my producer told him that this movie will make or break because of the music. And, Ghibran has made it work.


Comment about Jai’s passion for racing?

Jai had always been interested in Racing. He would insist on driving his car himself, with his driver next to him. He even had driven all the way from Chennai to Hyderabad for a shoot. That’s his passion.


Why is your core team full of Muslims – Nazriya, Ghibran, Nasser, Yourself?

Including or excluding Jai? (laughs). Again, it wasn’t intentional. I should say I had type casted certain roles – I specifically wanted Muslims to do certain roles, and Brahmins to do certain roles. But, the persons you are talking about are all a part of the movie because they are talented. Nothing else.

Good Luck to Anees for a resounding debut success ahead ... 




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