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By Sushmetha | Apr 25, 2022 04:46 PM

The incident in which a young female police officer lifted an 86-year-old woman trapped in a boiling desert on her shoulders five kilometers away has kept many moving.

Woman cop carries ailing 86 year old on shoulders for 5 kilometres

The sun always shines in the Kutch Desert in the famous state of Gujarat. Needless to say it was summer too. People have become accustomed to walking in this desert through that heat that cannot be described in words. But an 86-year-old grandmother has made it impossible. No drinking water. There is no temptation to walk. Twenty-seven-year-old Varsha Palmer, a young police officer, arrives at the scene wondering what to do.

Woman cop carries ailing 86 year old on shoulders for 5 kilometers

She did not even bother to inform the higher authorities or call the people. Varsha saved the grandmother by walking five kilometers in the desert carrying the old woman on her shoulders, saying. This video has been posted on social media and has caused a stir among many.

Woman cop carries ailing 86 year old on shoulders for 5 kilometers

Gujarat police have praised Varsha for acting with the sole aim of saving the grandmother without selfishness. Varsha said, "When I saw the grandmother, I knew she could not walk. It was impossible to bring vehicles to that part of the desert. My duty as a police officer was to help the community, so I decided to carry her on my shoulders," she said.

Woman cop carries ailing 86 year old on shoulders for 5 kilometers

A native of Undrana village in Tharad taluka, Varsha is the only earning member of her family of four, including father who is a small-time cattle breeder, mother housewife and a younger brother who is studying.

Varsha is married and her husband works in a private company. An arts graudate, Varsha was selected for Lok Rakshak Dal in 2019 and posted to the Rapar police station in May 2021.

The incident occurred when three elderly women, including the one who fainted had gone to pray at Bhanjda dada temple located atop a small hill around 5 km away in the desert which was near the Ramkatha venue, at around 11 am.

After the darshan, when they were returning from the temple, one of them fainted because of sunstroke. A man who was passing by saw the woman lying in an unconscious state and informed at the Katha venue. Varsha immediately rushed with a water bottle to the woman. Then, Varsha lifted the elderly woman on her shoulders and walked to the venue.



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