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By Anumaggie | Apr 09, 2022 05:10 PM

Jackpot hit for woman who mistakenly bought a lottery ticket in the US.

Woman buys lottery by mistake and wins 10 million USD


LaQuedra Edwards, a woman from the United States, went to buy a lottery ticket in November last year. Edwards, who is in the habit of buying lottery tickets from time to time, intends to win the lottery through the machine. Then a man knocks Edwards out while trying to pick the name of the lottery she wants. Thus she got another lottery ticket by pressing the wrong button.


Lottery sales in the United States are being sold subject to Government regulations. Various people are buying these lotteries to test their luck. Lottery vending machines are popular there as they operate by inserting money and getting the tickets they need. Most people buy the lottery through this.

Woman buys lottery by mistake and wins 10 million USD

She was waiting to buy a ticket at such a machine when she was struck by a man who came into the store. Edwards is considering buying a ticket worth $ 40. But she got a $ 30 200X ticket because of the crowd at the time.

Good luck

However, Edward's accidentally bought a lottery ticket worth US $ 10 million (Rs 75 crore in Indian currency). Speaking about this, she said, “He just bumped into me, didn’t say a thing and just walked out the door." Irritated from getting the wrong ticket, Edwards sat down in her car and began scratching. Her frustration turned to excitement when she won the top prize of $10 million.


Edwards says she wants to buy a house with the $ 10 million he won through the lottery. Speaking about this, she said, "I will buy a dream home for myself and then start a non-profit company."

Woman buys lottery by mistake and wins 10 million USD

The incident in which a woman who accidentally bought another lottery ticket received a prize of $ 10 million has taken many by surprise.

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