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By Sushmetha | Jun 09, 2022 04:05 PM

The fact that a person from the United States speaks Tamil fluently has surprised many.

US Man speaks Tamil Fluently in hotels in America

Xiaomanyc is from the United States. He lives in New York and has a deep love for the Tamil language. He speaks Tamil wherever he finds Tamils ​​in the United States and attracts the attention of many. He recently went to a restaurant in New York. At that time, he had ordered the food he wanted in Tamil. Thus the owner of the hotel went to the peak of surprise.

Speaking about his interest in Tamil, he said, "I am proud to have learned Tamil, the oldest language in the world. Tamil is one of the oldest languages ​​still in use today. Although widely spoken in India and Sri Lanka, there are few Tamil speakers in the United States. Challenging language at the moment. "

"Anyone who lives in a country with a different culture from their own culture would love to see or hear something reminiscent of home, which is why people look at me with amazement," he said.

He loves restaurants in the United States, especially those run by Tamils, and speaks Tamil to the locals. Once he went to a hotel in New York City and was fluent in Tamil, the owner of the hotel was stunned.

At the hotel, he is invited to tell Geomenic about his interest in the Tamil language and his efforts to learn it. American Tamils ​​say they are very happy to meet Geomenic.


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