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By Anumaggie | Jun 09, 2022 12:13 PM

The incident where a newly built bridge collapsed during the opening ceremony in Mexico has caused a stir. This video is currently spreading virally on social web sites.

Mexican footbridge collapses during opening ceremony

New Bridge

A new bridge has been built in the town of Harvavasa in the province of Morilos in Mexico. The bridge is made of wood and iron. The mayor of the Mexican city of Cuernavaca opened the bridge last Tuesday. The mayor was shocked when he walked across the bridge with government officials and local dignitaries.

Broken Bridge

While the mayor was visiting the newly built bridge, the bridge collapsed with a loud bang. As a result, more than 10 people standing on the bridge, including the city mayor, officials and local dignitaries, fell into a 10-feet ditch below. Police and rescue workers rushed the injured to a nearby hospital. Cuernavaca Mayor Jose Luis Uriostequi has suffered minor injuries, hospital officials said.

Commenting on the accident, Governor Guerrero de Moralos Blanco of the state of Morelos in Curaao said, "Mayor Jose Luis Uriostecu's wife and reporters were on board when the bridge collapsed. Doctors say their health is stable."

Viral video

The walkway is located on the banks of the river and was built to attract tourists. Preliminary investigation revealed that the flyover, which was made of wood, steel rods and chains, had collapsed without bearing any weight. Police say a detailed investigation is underway.

Meanwhile, while the mayor was on his way to open the new bridge, the video of the bridge collapsing went viral on social media.

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