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By Anumaggie | Jun 09, 2022 06:17 PM

Astronauts say strange radio signals have come to Earth from space. This has caused a stir in the scientific world.

Scientists detect a mysterious radio signal coming from space

According to astronauts, fast radio bursts, a radio signal lasting only a few milliseconds, have been reported on Earth. Where did this signal come from? Who sent this? Researchers are currently working on a solution to the problem.

Second time

Researchers estimate that these signals may have come from a galaxy 3,000 light-years away. Although they last only a few milliseconds, researchers say they have strong radio waves, the second such signal.

The signal was first detected in 2017 by a joint study by student David Narkevic and his supervisor, Duncan Lorimer.

New Signal

Researchers have named the currently discovered radio wave FRBs 20190520B. The problem was discovered on May 20, 2019, using a radio telescope (FAST) in Guizhou, China. In addition, 75 such FRBs were reported between April 2020 and September 2020.

Researchers have reported that the radio waves are coming from a fixed radio source and that the signal may be related to a galaxy located near a dwarf galaxy.

Advanced research needed

Researchers predict that weak radio signals will be generated from another location near where these radio waves originate, and that further research is needed to obtain complete information on this.

Furthermore, the researchers believe that the FRBs 20190520B currently being discovered may be "newborn". That is, researchers say the radio waves may still be surrounded by dense matter emitted by the supernova explosion that emitted the neutron star.

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