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By Sushmetha | May 31, 2022 10:30 AM

Authorities say a plane was hijacked by militants in the middle of the night.

Pilot fired after he fell asleep while flying plane

The IDA Airlines flight was en route from New York to Rome. Communication with the control room was abruptly cut off while the plane was flying in French airspace. Shocked officers tried to contact the plane. But no information was received from the pilot. Authorities then sent information to superiors that the militants had hijacked the plane.

Following this, the French authorities prepared two warplanes. Further, the Italian authorities were informed in this regard. About 10 minutes later in the middle of the field, the pilot contacted the control room. When questioned at the time, he said no abduction had taken place. Authorities then questioned the pilot as to why the signal stopped for 10 minutes.

Pilot fired after he fell asleep while flying plane

The pilot said he was unable to contact control room officials due to a technical glitch on the plane. Yet the pilot was subjected to a serious investigation. Authorities then discovered the shocking fact that the pilot was asleep in midair.

The pilot fell asleep while the aircraft was operating in the mid-autopilot facility. This is why the authorities found that the communication was frozen. Following this, the airline has sacked the pilot involved. The pilot fell asleep while flying in mid-flight.


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