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By Sushmetha | Jun 09, 2022 04:05 PM

The tribunal ruled last week in favor of Johnny Depp's side in the case against his ex - wife, Amber Hert. In it, the court ordered Amber Heart to pay $ 15 million in compensation to Johnny Depp. In this case, it is widely rumored that Johnny Depp's lawyer may have declared that he did not have to pay the amount.

Johnny Depp lawyer suggestion on Amber Heard pay 10.35 million

Johnny Depp

Johnny's role in the Pirates of the Caribbean series 'Jack Sparrow' gained worldwide acclaim in 1984. Love blossomed for Johnny Depp and actress Amber Heard, considered one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood circles. The couple subsequently got married in 2015. However, the two split over the next 15 months due to a dispute.


In this case, in an article written by Amber Hert in 2018, Amber wrote that she was a victim of domestic violence and that sexual harassment of women in the family. Amber does not mention the name of Johnny Depp in this article. However, Johnny Depp's removal from episode 6 of Pirates of the Caribbean a few days after the article's release caused a stir in Hollywood circles.

$ 15 million

In this case, Johnny Depp sued Amber Heart for tarnishing his reputation. The trial of the case, which was watched live by many around the world, ended last week. In it, the judge ruled in favor of Johnny Depp. The judge ordered Amber Heart to pay $ 15 million in damages to Johnny Depp.

Following this, Fairfax County Judge Penny Ascart reduced Hert's pay to $ 10.35 million, citing Virginia laws relating to damages in defamation cases. However, Amber's lawyer Elaine Bradhoft stated that "her client could not pay Johnny Depp that much."

Speaking on a private show, Benjamin Chew, Johnny Depp's lawyer, said, "Johnny Depp may declare that he (Early Heart) would not have to pay the compensation he owed if he (InitialHert) cooperated in the social settlement without going to appeal. It's not about money for Depp, it's about restoring his reputation, and he's succeeded in that. It's been talked about a lot in Hollywood.


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