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By Anumaggie | May 31, 2022 10:48 PM

In general, the phenomenon of marriage around the world will definitely vary from place to place and community to community.

Indonesia tribe bizarre rituals for newly wedded couples

Even within each country there are different wedding ceremonies and the procedures followed are often very different.

In this, the wedding patterns we are newly learning, of course, may even seem like an innovative one.

Strange Marriage Procedure

But, the very bizarre customs that the aboriginal people in Indonesia follow at the time of marriage have created a lot of surprise and a lot of questions among the people who are listening. The project is based in the northeastern part of Borneo, near the border between Indonesia and Malaysia.

People's Confidence

In their community, married couples have a bizarre practice of not using the toilet for the next three days. It is also said that if the couple violates this rule, they may face some dire consequences. For example, it is the belief of the people there that something will happen, including any betrayal in marriage, or any other bitter incident.

Indonesia tribe bizarre rituals for newly wed couples

3 days ban ..

Also, it is said that there will be people to monitor the couple for these 3 days. During these 3 days, they are locked in a small room and given a small amount of food and water. Only then will they be brought out, bathed and allowed to go to the bathroom.

The people of the area say that it is the couple who will meet the challenge that arises in these three days and succeed in it, and their married life will last. It is the belief of the tribal people that misfortune can befall the lives of those who cannot cope.

News of this bizarre marriage came to light a few years ago, but the ancient practice still persists. As well as the fact that this topic is still widely talked about on the internet, the wedding ceremonies of these people are also trending.

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