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By Anumaggie | May 14, 2022 04:34 PM

Lately, we've been through a lot of events surrounding the wedding.

Indore bride runs away after 7 days of marriage with money

In particular, put on the wedding stage, something unexpected happens at the last minute and shocks the entire audience.

In the last couple of weeks, there has been a lot of news about the bride who changed thali due to the power cut and the wedding was called off after the groom got drunk and took the stage.

7 days after wedding ..

In this case, an incident that took place about 7 days after the marriage, has shocked many. Rahul hails from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. It is said that his parents came to look for a girl to marry him.

At that time, it is said that he got acquainted with a marriage broker and ended up looking for a woman named Lalita. As a result, the marriage of Rahul and Lalita ended in a tumultuous affair with relatives. Following this, Lalita also lived in her husband's house.

Leaving aside ..

As such, Lalita has been avoiding even approaching her husband Rahul. For some reason, it seems that Lalita was not too altruistic about Rahul, except for her husband. It was in such a situation that 7 days after the marriage, Lalita suddenly disappeared from the house.

Missing Bride

As a result, Rahul and his family were devastated and another shock came to them. Lalita fled the house with all the gold jewelery, silverware and about Rs 3 lakh in cash. Following this, Rahul's family lodged a complaint at the police station.

Meanwhile, during the police investigation, a search of Lalita's Aadhar and Pan cards revealed that they were fake. Police are looking for the broker who came up with the alliance of Lalitha - the woman who escaped with the money and jewelery.



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