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By Vinershea | Apr 30, 2020 02:39 PM

US President Donald Trump lashed out again at World Health Organization (WHO) and termed it "literally a pipe organ for China". United States also warned that they will soon come out with its recommendations on the global body.

world health organization who a pipe organ for China donald

At a recent, press briefing at his Oval Office of the White House, President Trump said "They misled us. We will have a recommendation pretty soon but we are not happy with the World Health Organization."

As US death toll passes 60,000 Trump has also launched an investigation into the WHO's role in the spread of coronavirus. Right from the beginning, US has accused it of siding with China during the pandemic. He has also stopped US aid to the WHO.

When Trump was asked to clarity about his comments on recommendation. He said, "On the World Health Organization or a recommendation on China or what do you mean? It is coming in and I am getting pieces already and we are not happy about it and we are by far the largest contributor to WHO,...and they misled us. I don't know. They must have known more than they knew because they came after what other people knew that weren't even involved," Trump said. 

"We knew things that they didn't know and either they didn't know it or they didn't tell us or you know right now they are literally a pipe organ for China. That is the way I view it,” he added.

Further clarifying his statement over funding WHO, Trump said, US has given the WHO financial aid between USD400 and USD500 million, and China is giving USD38 million. "And yet, they seem to work for China and they should have been in there early, they should have known what was going on and they should have been able to stop it,” he angrily stated.

Watch the video below: 

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