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By Shilpa | Feb 05, 2020 08:10 PM

American President Donald Trump has done it again! It’s common knowledge that Trump is known to rebuff people by refusing to shake their hands. This time around, it was top Democrat Nancy Pelosi who was at the receiving end. An already running bitter feud meant that Trump denied Pelosi a handshake and she retaliated in return by ripping apart a copy of his remarks behind his back at the recently-held State of the Union speech of the former’s.

trump refuses handshake pelosi feud tears copy of speech

Seeing Pelosi, the US House of Representatives speaker, for the first time since she rushed out of a White House meeting four months ago, Trump refused to shake her outstretched hand as he gave her a hard copy of his remarks before starting to speak.

Despite having not spoken to Trump since their last meeting, Pelosi seemed to be taken aback. She avoided citing the customary “high privilege and distinct honour” that usually accompanies the speaker’s introduction of the president to Congress.

“Members of Congress, the President of the United States” was all she said while introducing Trump.

When his speech ended, Pelosi stood and tore up her copy of the remarks he had handed her, later telling reporters it was “the courteous thing to do, considering the alternative.”

The subject of Trump’s impeachment was also at play that day with fellow Republicans giving him standing ovations while rival Democrats, for the most part, remained seated.

The Republican-led Senate was expected to acquit him of charges that he abused his powers and obstructed Congress during a vote.

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