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By S Vikram | Sep 25, 2019 01:40 PM

On September 24 (Tuesday), thousands of people who are mostly students could be seen gathering together for a protest against a new law in Indonesia that criminalizes pre-marital sex.

Sex before marriage law Indonesia,people angry, protest

The lawmakers were left stunned by the public outrage against the law. In fact, the proposed bill was supposed to be brought into discussion on Tuesday. But, president Joko Widodo postponed the discussion to Friday (September 27) with an intention to give the lawmakers an extra time to analyze the new laws.

The new law in Indonesia that lead to the massive protest states the following,

Sex before marriage or premarital sex would be considered a criminal offence and the violation of the law, if found guilty would lead to imprisonment up to 1 year.

The action of disrespecting or insulting the president, religion or even the national flag including national anthem would be considered illegal.

Practising Black Magic would be considered a criminal offence and a prison term would be introduced soon.

Abortion (outside of rape and medical emergencies), and encouraging the promotion of contraception methods to minors would also be considered illegal.

Living together without getting married would be punishable up to 6 months prison term.

The protestors on Tuesday turned violent and angry, thus involving in stone-pelting and other harmful activities outside Indonesia's parliament.

The Indonesian police had a tough time dealing with the crowd. Even many youngsters expressed their disappointment and disapproval against the law on Twitter.

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