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By Vinershea | Oct 03, 2019 02:27 PM

Owning a tattoo on body is such a craze these day; as every individual wishes to have one and flaunt it. Sometime people do make bizarre mistakes in selecting one for themselves. 

Man Uses Cheese Grater to Scrape Tattoo from arm: Photos Viral

Many who get inked and later regret doing so, also have alternatives to get it removed which might get a little expensive. But this man tried a crazy way to remove it by using a cheese grater. 

As per Latestly reports, the man is from Argentina who decided to take up this ridiculous act to remove his week-old tattoo when he could not get a job. The depressed man used a cheese grater to scrape off his skin where he had got the tattoo done. 

This image went viral on social media after a friend of his shared the images on his Twitter account. He captioned it saying, "A friend got a tattoo and because he didn't like the tattoo, I took it out with a cheese scratcher." 

The man got his tattoo done but days later he had to apply for a job in airport security police which became a problem in getting that job for him so he decided to take it off. 

When media rushed to him after the news got viral, the man said "Among the requirements on the website it is not mentioned about tattoos. I was told that I could not work there with visible tattoos. That is why I decided to take it off."

"My family disagreed with my decision, but it was already done. I suffered other personal problems and I decided to stay in Mendoza and not join the airport police," he further told media.

The horrifying pictures has currently got over 17,000 retweets and 86,000 likes. It has also upset people on social media who were not really impressed with the idea. 

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