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By S Vikram | Oct 03, 2019 01:32 PM

The CCTV footage of semi-nude robbers in Theni has taken the civilians by shock. It was identified that the robbers belong to North India. Reportedly the incident happened at mid-night in a village called Ammapatti, Theni two days ago.

CCTV footage of North Indian robbers in Theni goes viral.

As per the Vikatan report, the robbers had tried to break the lock of the local resident named Vijaya. The sound of breaking the locks had alerted Vijaya who had called for help from the neighbourhood with a loud voice. The noise made the robbers escape from Vijaya's house and later enter into the house of another resident Ramaiyya’s house.

When the robbers tried to break Ramaiyya's house, the nearby people reached the place alerted by the noise. Within seconds, the robbers had to move out of the place to avoid getting caught. Reportedly, the incident was caught by the CCTV camera placed over the house of the resident called Raja.

The footage reveals a group of 4 semi-nude people. It is said that two of them were watching the house while another two tried to break the locks. Earlier a similar incident happened in the residence of Gopalakrishnan who hails from Palanichettipalaym, Theni.

Gopalakrishnan’s house had been broken and assets such as cash and Gold were stolen while he returned from Tirupathi. A case has been filed over the incident at the police station and an investigation is underway using the CCTV footage.

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