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By Vinershea | Oct 29, 2019 07:17 PM

In a shocking case, a 42-year-old man from Australia, was recently attacked by a saltwater crocodile. Surprisingly, the man escaped death by punching the crocodile four times on the nose. 

Man punches crocodile in nose after it bites his crotch: Video 

The man has been identified as Elston Lami, who is a hunter by profession. While walking through the waters near Minjilang on Croker island he accidently stepped on something that looked like a piece of log. It was only his cousin who realise it saying that it was a crocodile.

According to New York Post, the man just didn't step on the crocodile but also stood on it for 15 seconds. Within fractions of the cousin shouting, the crocodile shock its body and dropped the man down on the sand. 

Before the man could realise, what had happened- the crocodile locked its jaws on one of his legs.

While speaking to 9 News, the man said that "My cousin then told me I was standing on top of its back, and in a split second [the crocodile] spun me around and knocked me over. He started flipping me and I hit the bank, then he attacked".

As soon as the crocodile retreated the man kicked and punched it. In return the crocodile got hold of the man's leg and bit his crotch. 

"When he came up with his jaws open, I spread my left leg and he got me on the shorts. I held the jaw with my right hand, and I hammered it with my left hand, so I hit it four times," added the man. Even after running out of the water bleeding, the crocodile chased him. 

With the alert cousin and locals around, the man was immediately rushed to Minjilang Community Health Centre for treatment. After which he was transferred to the Royal Darwin Hospital in Darwin.

Currently, the local reports say that the man is out of danger and his condition is said to be stable. 

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