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By Vaishvedhidha | Aug 26, 2019 06:30 PM

When we are consumed by a game, we can get a bit carried away. Time and other factors don't seem to control us. But one man has taken it a bit too far by not even being bothered by a giant crocodile.

This man playing golf while crocodile strolls is \'Maranabangam\'!

Most of us would freak at the sight of a reptile, but this man didn't budge even when a giant alligator crossed his path, strolling dangerously close to him.

Professional wakeboarder Steel Lafferty was playing golf when a giant alligator was getting some fresh air taking a stroll, because, hey, that's extremely common, right? But the player didn't bother and went for the shot.

Speaking about it, he said to CNN, “I wasn’t too worried. I wakeboard professionally so I’m always in the water and I’ve kind of been around gators my whole life. There was a bit of a worry, but it seemed like he was doing his own thing so I let him go.”

"My shot was really good and that was really the only thing I was worried about. I had to make par on the hole because we had a bet going and I was more worried about winning the bet than getting eaten."

Eventually the alligator disappeared in a nearby lake. The player was calm n composed throughout the entire time.


Golfing in Florida is just different... 🐊

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