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By Saradha | Aug 20, 2020 02:02 PM

China’s Wuhan city, which is reportedly the place where the coronavirus might have originated, witnessed a massive electronic music festival. The party took place in an open- air water park where thousands of people were dancing in waves to the beats of the music without complying to social distancing norms and without wearing masks, according to CNN’s report. 

electronic music festival at wuhan china increase chances of corona

The Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park was fully jammed over the weekend with “partygoers in swimsuits bunched together shoulder to shoulder, waving to the beat of the music while cooling down in hip-high water; others relaxed on inflatable rubber tubes that packed the pool to the brim, with little space to float around,” the American news broadcaster was quoted as saying.

According to the report, the water park reopened in the month of June but due to excessive seasonal rainfall, many people did not turn up to the place. Hubei Daily, a newspaper infamously known for being the Communist Party’s mouthpiece cited a manager who said that the number of visitors is less than half of the level in comparison to last year.

“In Wuhan, life has returned to normalcy as the city which houses 11 million people lifted a strictly enforced its lockdown that lasted for 76 days. The Hubei capital hasn’t reported any new cases since mid-May. The last three coronavirus patients in Wuhan were discharged on June 5 and the central Chinese city has recorded zero cases of the virus since then after mass testing of about 10 million people, “The New Indian Express cited regional newspapers. 

A study conducted by researchers from the Harvard Medical School, Boston University of Public Health and Boston Children’s hospital use satellite imagery of parking lots and disease- related search engine queries which suggests that the coronavirus might have been circulating in Wuhan since last year. 

Covid-19 was first detected in Wuhan in December last year and reportedly emerged in a wet market that sold seafood and wildlife in the central Chinese city.

Being the original epicenter of the virus, infectious in the city were reported to be nearly 60 percent of around 84,000 total confirmed cases across china according to the data released by National Health Commission and Hubei Provincial Health Commission.

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