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By S Vikram | Aug 16, 2019 11:13 AM

A Rottweiler dog in the Chinese city of Qingyuan in Guangdong province became a hero after saving his friend who stranded on a boat in the river. The moment had been captured through a camera and the video has become viral on social media

Dog in China saved his friend from boat in river-hero

The video shows the Rottweiler in the foreground while the boat with the stranded dog can be seen in the background. It looks like the rope tied to the boat has been cut off by unknown means which has caused the dog to float alone on the river. The fearless Rottweiler observes the river, boat and the shore where is standing for a few seconds.

The dog in the boat comes to the edge of the boat anticipating his friend’s arrival to save him. Within seconds, the Rottweiler jumps into the river, swims quickly and gets a hold of the rope tied to the edge of the boat. Then, the dog pulls the rope with his full potential and drives it to the shore. Once the boat reaches the shore, the dog in the boat jumps away from the boat.

Fear is something that gets a hold of people and animals during the loss of hope including extreme desperate moments. Everybody turns a hero when overcoming such fear that leads to a memorable triumph. The popular dialogue from the Tamil film Polladhavan, “Avanuku Bayam illa” (He is fearless) could very well describe the fearless nature of Rottweiler to save his friend.