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By Nidharshana | May 08, 2020 12:39 PM

The novel coronavirus is believed to have originally begun its spell in China’s Wuhan city. Soon after its first trace, the infection spread rapidly across the globe, resulting in hundreds of countries battling the infection. While the world suffers, a simultaneous effort is being undertaken in various countries, in order to find the vaccination which will cure the disease.

COVID-19 CRISIS and VACCINE: China Claims Vaccine found

Earlier this week, Israel claimed that it had detected the antibodies to fight the infection. This was followed by Italy, which also claimed that the vaccine it discovered worked well on mice and is expected to generate the same results in human cells. Yesterday, China has also announced that the experimental vaccine that they were using on monkeys for testing, generated positive results. It is also expected to work on humans. This vaccine is named as “Picovacc”.

The monkeys who had the infection suffered for three weeks. Within a week of being injected with Picovacc, they were tested for the virus. No traces of the virus was found in the lungs of the monkeys. However, the other monkeys, that did not receive the vaccine, were found to have difficulty breathing.

Picovacc’s trial on humans is expected to begin later this year.

However, none of the vaccines that these three countries have claimed as the cure, have been declared officially by the World Health Organisation. It is expected to announce only after further development and successful human trial.

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