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By Saradha | Aug 01, 2020 11:45 AM

The novel coronavirus continues to spread rampantly. While efforts are being taken to fast track the process of preparing a vaccine, countries are also trying to get access to rapid testing kits. India and Israel are working on 4 rapid testing technologies at present. 

Coronavirus Can be Detected Under 30 Seconds with These Technologies!

Ambassador of Israel to India Ron Malka visited Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital on Friday where the trials for 30- seconds coronavirus tests are underway. He was accompanied by Prof. K. Vijaya Raghavan who is the Principal Scientific Adviser for Government of India.

RML Hospital is conducting trials for four different kinds of technologies that aim to detect COVID-19 within 30 seconds. RML Hospital is one of the testing sites, which have started trials of four different kinds of technologies that have the potential to detect COVID-19 in as less as 30 seconds, noted a release issued by the Israel Embassy.

A press release issued by the Israel embassy mentioned that they are using high- tech equipment and non- invasive technology. “These non-invasive technologies include a voice test that uses artificial intelligence to identify changes in the patient’s voice, a breath analyser test that requires the patient to blow into a tube and detects the virus using terra-hertz waves, isothermal testing that enables identification of the virus in a saliva sample, and a test using polyamino acids that seeks to isolate proteins related to COVID-19,” The Hindu cited in its report.

“These trials are being conducted on a large sample of patients in India. If the results validate the effectiveness of the tests, they will be mass manufactured in India and marketed to the world by Israel and India jointly,” the release stated. 

While speaking about his visit to the testing site, Mr. Malka told, “If even one of these tests is successful in detecting the virus in as less as half a minute, it will be the biggest breakthrough in COVID-19 identification that the world has been waiting for. By combining advanced Israeli and Indian technology and India’s manufacturing prowess we can find a way to resume our lives and exist alongside the virus till a vaccine is developed.”

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