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By Shilpa | Feb 18, 2020 05:25 PM

Skylar Joslin, an Oklahoma teen athlete, has credited his Apple watch for saving his life after the device notified him of his abnormally rapid heart rate. Joslin received an alert on his two-week-old Apple watch stating he had a high heart rate of 190 beats per minute (bpm), despite being seated in class. Joslin immediately texted a screenshot of the alert to his mother, Liz Joslin.

Apple Watch Helps Save Teen Athlete’s Life read story

"I got a text message along with a screenshot of his heart rate that was 190, the following message saying, mommy, there is something wrong. I am not doing anything," Liz was quoted as saying. She rushed her son to a hospital as his heart rate continued to climb even further and went as high as 280 bpm.

He was later diagnosed with a condition called Supraventricular Tachycardia, or SVT, which causes a rapid heartbeat that weakens the heart over time.

Joslin had to undergo an eight-hour heart surgery in order to fix his rhythm, and will be the face of the Oklahoma American Heart Association Heart Walk on April 25.

"If I wouldn't have gotten his Apple , I don't know that I would've ever known. I mean it's unknown how long it would've been going on or how long it would've really taken," Liz said.

This is not the lone story where Apple had saved lives in the past. A US doctor saved a person's life by using the Apple Series 4 on his wrist to detect atrial fibrillation at a restaurant restaurant.

Another Apple user in the United Kingdom was recently alerted about his low heart rate by the device, which revealed a serious heart condition that ultimately resulted in a surgery to fix the problem.

The Apple Series 4 and Apple Series 5 are both capable of taking an electrocardiogram and also monitors your heartbeat in the background, which helps detect an irregular heartbeat.

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